Mobile and wireless technologies are moving to the forefront in a world of seamless enterprise usage and exponential device growth.

Handheld / Mobile (wireless) Business Unit of Mindfire, aims to become a 1-stop shop for wireless application vendors. Having its eye set on being one of the fastest growing units, we aim to keep hand in hand with the fast paced wireless industry, where technology changes occur almost every other day..

During the past years we have amassed knowledge on various platforms and applications. Now we find ourselves in a position to understand the needs of our clients and suggest them for the best platforms to take their applications to and the technology that will work best in their interest. Our extensive knowledge helps us in:

  • Designing low signature, high performance applications that suit the wireless platforms

  • Designing applications keeping in mind that porting to various platforms/handsets doesn't take much time

  • Porting any existing applications quickly to other platforms/handsets

Platforms & Technology

Palm: CodeWarrior 8, 9, C/C++
PPC/SmartPhone: eVC3/4, eVB, Visual Studio 2005, .NET CF
Symbian: CodeWarrior 2.5, C/C++
Brew: Visual Studio, C/C++
J2ME: Wireless Toolkit from Java, eclipse, netbeans. Midp1.0/2.0, CLDC 1.0/1.1
Blackberry SDK
I-Mode: I-Mode sdk from Doja
Linux, SmartCard, SuperWaba, WeMe, WME


Custom application development
Handset compatibility and porting
Quality Assurance and testing
Security and privacy
Games development


Our people have worked on multiple wireless/mobile/handheld software areas successfully. We are quick at adapting to various technologies, platforms and carriers..

Partnerships & Certifications

Microsoft Certified Partner
Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner
Sun Java J2ME Partner
Brew Authenticated Developers
Palm Alliance Member


Mindfire offers the highest value at very affordable costs. Please be sure to contact us on or call 1-248-686-1424 regarding all your wireless development needs.

Key Points

  • Wide platform coverage
  • 1-stop shop for all platforms
  • Reduced porting times
  • Affordable cost
  • Deep experience
  • Key tools and industry partnerships

Skill Set

  • Software programming and testing
  • Optimized, high-productivity porting
  • Cross-platform development skills
  • Multiple OS, tools, technology skills
  • Effective communication

Sample Projects

  • J2ME Cricket Game
  • Mobile/Wireless
  • Palm OS
  • WinMobile/.NET CE
  • J2ME Mobile 
  • iPhone Client for Social Networking
  • App for Cloud Storage
  • iPhone client for CRM (MS Dynamics)
  • EMI calculator on BlackBerry
  • Mobile Astrology Software on PhoneGap
  • Clue Finder: An Android Application

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Awards and Achievements

Red Herringcolor DeloitteFast50 DB ZInnov1   Nascome  DB Stpi

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