Mindfire has deep experience in game programming, specifically for XBox/Windows/Mac 2D/3D games. We describe some of these game programming project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.

  • Arcade shoot'em-up game
  • Real time strategy game
  • A set of 3D card game for Mac
  • Game Engine Development

Arcade shoot'em-up game

Game development Company
Computer/Console Gaming
C++, Win32, DirectX, Xbox XDK

First-person view arcade shoot'em-up game. Our assignment was to port the existing Windows version to Xbox. The scope included changing the existing game's user interface to suite Xbox, like replacing keyboard/mouse based input methods to Xbox controller etc.

Real time strategy game

Game development Company
Computer/Console Gaming
C++, DirectX SDK, Xbox XDK

The project was to make Xbox version of a real time strategy game in which game players can run and manage adventure parks. Provides stunning graphics and near real models of existing theme parks.

A set of 3D card game for Mac

Game Development Company
PC/Mac Games
Mac OSX, Cocoa, OpenGL

It offers variety of games to the players. All the UI and Graphics is displayed in an OpenGL window with rich looking textures. The player is also kept engaged with timed animations and sound at various game events.

Game Engine Development

3D Games
3D Grapgics, OpenGL, C++

We have developed the following functionalities for this project:

1. To add missing controls to build the game interface.

2. Control 1 -developed dragable image button controls. For ex: there is an item slot in a form and the other one on the another form, the user can click on the item (image button) and drag it to another available slot.

3. Control 2 -scroll controls - a group of controls which can be contained within a vertical scroll bar or horizontal depending on the choice of the programmer.

4. Control 3 - tabs that can control the groups of controls including the scroll bar controls.

5. Control 4 - clickable image zones control for the world map and to put a little cursor to show the location of the player on the map. It has the functionality to click on zone of the picture that can call a script or another form etc.

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