Mindfire has deep experience developing software for the education and e-learning industry. We describe some of these e-learning and education-focused project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.

  • Biology teaching software
  • Test papers evaluation Software
  • Online Pilot Training Systems
  • Online Mathematics Software
  • Online School Education and Assessment Software
  • Optical Mark Recognition and Barcode Reader Java Utility
  • A Mathematics application
  • HTML5 video player for elearning

Biology teaching software

Software provider for Teaching Biology through simulated experiments
Education, School
C++, MFC, QT SDK, PowerPlant, FarPoint Spread SDK, HTML Rendering Lib

A popular ecology teaching program in the world, used by tens of thousands of students each year in hundreds of universities. Our project was to port the existing Mac-PowerPlant application to Windows-MFC target.
The next versions had various feature additions like construction where user can define his own layouts, integrated Test and Evaluation process, searchable HTML help browser etc. Our project was to develop it on Mac (PowerPlant) and Windows (MFC) with keeping much of the codebase common.

Test papers evaluation Software

Software provider for Teaching Biology through simulated experiments
Education, School
Java, Borland JBuilder

This was an add-on module for evaluating the test papers taken by the students from within the Biology teaching application. This was basically a desktop application where teachers can open taken test papers visually and then do evaluation and marking. At the end, the application can send the evaluated papers back to the students through email, thereby completing the whole cycle of test and evaluation.

Online Pilot Training Systems

Training software company
Aviation industry
NET, MS SQL Server 2005, SQl reporting, Flash MX 2004 Pro, FlashRemoting, ActionScript, XML

This is an Online training system for regular pilots, taking course online, tracking their progress etc. Various parts of the software handles creation of courses, users, companies, handling training, conducting evaluation of training, handling the training records and administrations.

Online Mathematics Software

Software Development Company
Education , School
ASP & MS-Access

This project involved the development of an website for school children that is dedicated to the Mathematics subject. It provides online quizzes and
competitions to the end-user where one can solve various problems and questions put forwarded. It provides a common platform for all the schools to share their knowledge and improve the problem solving ability of students.

Online School Education and Assessment Software

E-Learning Company
Java, J2EE & MySQL

This project involved the development of a website for school children and home users that is dedicated to the Mathematics subject. It provides pre-assessment tests for judging initial understanding of students and automatic placement to grades according to the results. Students learn through online streaming videos on various levels of the course and quizzes with animated and graphical implementation of real life problems. Finally students take up post-assessment tests. The test results can be seen as tabular and graphical reports that help the Instructors to keep track of the overall improvement and performance of the students.

Optical Mark Recognition and Barcode Reader Java Utility

JDK 1.5, Java Imaging Utility, ZXing

The Optical Mark Recognition and Barcode Reader Java Utility is developed for customer who deals with preparing test sets for students for developing their mathematics knowledge and ability to solve the problem.

The utility is used to read the optical marked answer sheets along with the barcode and match the test set in the database and evaluates the correct answers based on the database and precompiled templates. The utility has the ability to process thousands of optical marked answer sheets simultaneously and store the evaluation of sheets in the database. It also has a special feature to evaluate the incorrectly scanned answer sheets. It also can correctly process sheets with rotation (clockwise and anticlockwise) during the scanning process. It can also be configured to run as a service in the background and starts processing when it gets an answer sheet image. The utility is platform independent and can run on any platform having a Java runtime installed.

A Mathematics application

Software Service Provider
PHP 5.x, MYSQL 5.x, Java 1.1.6

This is an application designed to improve the mathematics skills of students. In general, the application is used to generate test, review answers, assign/monitor drills. Application is separated into following sections:

Administration section:

This section helps to manage following information:

1. Manage area (district) information for which school(s) information can be added.

2. Manage school information.

3. It has the functionality to import the dependent information, such as Teacher, Class, Student, and Drills etc.

4. Manage question(s) for generating a test paper for teacher(s).

5. Manage test(s) for teacher(s) which can be used by teachers for their students.

General section:

This is the section can be accessed by different types of users, such as Teacher, School Staff, Monitor etc.

1. A teacher can generate test for the students, review results, assign drills, if not satisfied with result, assign additional instruction by reviewing the result, view notes added for students, view evaluation for the drill work assigned.

2. A staff can add monitor for school, create / change calendar of monitor for their availability, assign / change monitor of a student.

3. A monitor can download the drills for session with student scheduled, evaluate the drill session with student, and rescheduled the session with student.

HTML5 video player for elearning

IT solutions provider
HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS3, SVN, Acorn Media Player, Section 508 compliance

Designed and implemented a HTML5 video player to play mp4/h.264 formatted elearning videos in supported browsers. The player was specifically developed to work in Chrome 6+, IE9+ and Safari5+ which are among the top used browsers today. The player uses WAI-ARAI attributes which is strongly recommended by W3C for the disabled/visually impaired people. The player was tested to work with screen reader software such as Jaws.

The player was implemented for all users including visually handicapped people. The front-end of the website was developed using HTML5 and the interaction used JavaScript&jQuery heavily. Among features we implemented replay, play/pause, toggle to play the first video. We also implemented the ability for the user to smoothly move backward and forward on the video timeline as oppossed to a jerky point and click on the timeline. This was similar to your video/DVD players fast forward feature. A seek slider was implemented to show the current position of the video.

We also implemented a volume control option that allowed for instant muting as well as sliding the volume controls. A closed caption button which allows the user to see the captions in the caption bar. We implemented a .srt file parser that displays the text according to the position of the video frame being displayed.

The key element implemented was enabling shortcuts which allowed the player menu to be controlled via the user's keyboard.

Special attention to detail was given to meet Section 508 compliance and our QA engineers ensured that guidelines were followed and implemented. We used meaningful alt attributes on all the images on the player/site/page it was hosted on. We gave each graphical element, including transparent gifs to fill in real state. The level of contrast between the elements of design was also high while considering visual appeal. We avoided and did not use iframes or java script code that contained information about the site in general. All form elements had label tags used. The HTML and CSS code was validated with w3c validator services. Each video on the site had an accompanying transcript which was available on demand. Any documents that were part of the video and made available for download had meta data with a summary of the content in the document.

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