Customized Data Migration between two different Database Vendors

Executive Summary

For any system upgrade, implementation or consolidation, data migration from legacy systems to newer technologies assumes paramount significance. There could be a gamut of reasons for data migration such as including replacements in server or storage equipment, maintenance or upgrades in the existing schema, application migration from one database to another, website consolidation or relocation of data center. Mindfire got an opportunity to work on a legacy data migration project, wherein the old site was built using ColdFusion and the client was interested to migrate to a new site which would be developed in PHP.

The project had the following two main requirements:

  • Migration of legacy data¬†from the old sites database to the new sites database.
  • Forward the live data coming in to the old site to the new sites database.

At the same time it posed the following two hurdles as well:

  • The database schema of the sites were different
  • The old site had MSSQL server as the database vendor while the new site had MySQL as the vendor

Mindfire Solutions ingeniously overcame the hurdles to make the migration process both schema and database vendor independent. A seamless migration translates into an increase in effectiveness and ease of use of the new system. The client has been able to significantly bridge its databases and every live data is immediately forwarded to the new site after storing it in the older one.

About our Client

Client Description: Media Corporation

Client Location: USA

Industry: Media & Entertainment


ColdFusion, MySQL

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