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Mindfire offers comprehensive porting, migration and reengineering services for your software to gain broader access across platforms..

Porting services typically port code from a source to target platforms. Multiple project experiences, focused teams and a clear porting methodology ensure that ports are sharply delivered.

If writing code is art and science, rewriting code is more art and more science. Only top-notch techies can do justice to software porting projects, where the work is pure tech as opposed to having users and requirements and business analysis. This is the holy grail for techies, while being commonly misunderstood as potentially not-creative work since it has pre-existing system and code!

Porting across different platforms (e.g. Server to Cloud, Windows to Azure, iOS to Android) usually requires a strategy to be drawn up, and platform differences to be resolved before starting. Porting across versions (ASP.NET 2 to ASP.NET 4) is more focused on solving programming issues. Additional technical changes may be done to replace old technologies with newer ones - such as replacing LINQ with EF, or ASP.NET AJAX with jQuery.

Our migration services include migrating data across databases (e.g. migrating SQLServer to MySQL), or applications across development platforms (e.g. C++ Builder to VC++, PyDev or NetBeans to PyCharm).

Refactoring services are useful to take a long hard relook at old code. Starting from technology changes to faster performance requirements to getting rid of code that is unmaintainable (where "technical debt" is too high) - refactoring may have many birds to kill with its one stone.

Application modernization and re-engineering might involve fundamental technology shifts (client/server to web-enabled) where existing source code is marginally useful. Modernization may be complete or focus on only invisible improvement (the plumbing and back-end server aspects) or only visible changes - a modern UI and User Experience (UX).

Mindfire Solutions is a rare organization that recognizes that migrating systems is an exciting act in itself, and deserves separate recognition from first-time development! Each situation in migration has tricks that can cause it to be 10x more reliable.

- How do you migrate a Python-based web-mobile system from Amazon AWS to Google Cloud Platform without disrupting usage?
- How do you port a YUI or Ext JS based system to jQuery or Backbone or Angular JS?
- How do you maximize code reuse while moving from PHP 4 to PHP 5 while refactoring for OO?
- How do you modernize an application to Single-Page Architecture for improved user experience?
- How do you make a native mobile app for a web-based system without writing full-blown web services (SOA)?

Mindfire is excited about such questions, and we roam the rich universe in search of answers - all for you! Yes, that last part was written on pressure from Marketing, but you get the idea ;)

Please visit our site - a global resource site for the software porting community.

Key Points

  • Global thought leadership
  • Proprietary porting techniques
  • Wide experience
  • More about our porting technique and services:Porting Services (PDF)

White Papers

  • Porting: Development Techniques
  • Porting: Test Techniques
  • Porting: A Business Decision
  • Porting: Win - Mac Issues
  • Porting: An Unix - NT Experience
  • Carbonization: MacOS 8/9 - OSX
  • Mindfire's porting services

Skill Set

  • Porting and migration planning
  • Optimized, high-productivity porting
  • Cross-platform programming skills
  • Multiple OS, tools, technology skills

Sample Projects

  • Windows port of Unix-based telecom software
  • Mac-Windows development of Simulation software

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