Executive Summary

The case study illustrates how Mindfire Solutions helped a Golf Tournament Service Provider regain confidence of its client by recreating a desktop equivalent of its existing web application which in turn resulted to be an easy and quick solution.

The requirement was to port the existing web application that displays the Golf Starting tees/times, scores in progress, scores results on TV, plasma screens and Projection Systems into a desktop windows application. Mindfire has always been extremely confident about complex migration projects took the responsibility and started analysis of the entire web application to come up with a feasible, robust and efficient system.

About Our Client

Client: Service Provider for managing Golf Tournaments

Location: USA

Industry: Sports & Leisure

Business Situation

The Client’s existing web application was a high quality display application used for displaying score board and event board using a lot of Internet Explorer transitions and other effects thereby giving a great look n feel experience for the users. In spite of this, due to its web nature, it required lot of overheads at the time of installation. As a result, the popularity diminished thus making the client desperate to look for a quick and easy solution. This made the client approach Mindfire Solutions for an end to end solution.

A team of developers from Mindfire Solutions brainstormed through the requirement documents of the client and started working on it. All the existing functionalities of the web application were analyzed and ported onto the desktop version. The end result was very much a valuable application for the client as it recovered trust and confidence of his customers.


.Net 2.0 framework, VB.Net, JavaScript, HTML, MS AccessSQL Server 2000