Mindfire has deep experience developing Palm OS and Garnet OS hand-held/PDA/mobile applications with wireless data access. We describe some of these Palm/Garnet project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.

  • Relational database for PDAs
  • Voice Recording software for Palm devices
  • Game of strategy on Palm OS

Relational database for PDAs

Provider of high quality, affordable productivity solutions for mobile handheld and smartphone users
Application development for PDAs
C/C++, CW9 for palm,

A relational database for Palm PDAs. We did the development & maintenance of the software. It includes adding support for 5 way navigation for TREO/Tungsten handhelds. Supporting multiple screen dimensions; Ability to take photos and store them in database; ability to transfer the data to PC; ability to beam data to other Palm devices using infrared. Database has forms which user can easily customize / create for his own use.

Voice Recording software for Palm devices

Maker of Intelligent Dictation and Transcription Products
Mobile Professionals
Palm OS 5.x, Codewarrior 9.x, C/C++

This product is used to record voice (mostly used in transcriptions) while you speak to record or via talking on phone. It uses third party compression algorithms so that the generated audio files don't take lot of space. You can also attach notes to the audio files which can be viewed at anytime.
Files can be transferred to PC using HotSync, or to a server using FTP or direct socket connection over GPRS.

Game of strategy on Palm OS

Provides solutions for interactive media and entertainment needs
Entertainment & graphics
Palm OS 5, CodeWarrior, C/C++, GapiDraw

Aim of the game is to remove all the cubes from the game screen. You can destroy the cubes only if they are in a group, color being the grouping criteria. Clicking on a single lonely cube does not have any effect.    We ported this game from Pocket PC to Palm OS 5. GAPIDraw Api was used for graphics. Gapidraw is a cross platform library which was used for pocket pc version of the game and with some changes can be used for palm os too.

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  • November 19

    20th Year Anniversary Celebration at Malaysia

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    Ninth Edition: DDMIT Quiz

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