Mindfire has deep experience developing Perl applications. We describe some of these Perl experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.

  • Data exchange software support
  • Porting Modules from PHP to OO Perl
  • Admin Tool for managing promotional games and viewing stats
  • Modules and plugin development for a e-commerce product

Data exchange software support

Data exchange and data management solutions provider
Automobile Industry
Linux, Apache, Postgre SQL, OO Perl, HTML, CSS, Javascript, GIT, Bitkeeper

Implemented multiple web forms as an additional module to an existing secure data exchange application that allows for suppliers to upload form data from a csv file and/or enter data and download it in csv format or save to the server. The forms are dynamic and implement dynamic creation/deleting of rows using Javascript.

Customized entire application look and feel so that it can be customized for new clients that purchase the product. We provide software support for the product.

Porting Modules from PHP to OO Perl

Internet Marketing Company
Information Technology
OO Perl, PHP, Linux, Debian, SSH, Shell Scripting, jQuery, AJAX

Designed and implemented porting of a tool from PHP to OO Perl to find dead sites based on URLs and links uploaded by the user. The interface allows the users to upload a csv file with links and to optionally also enter extra URLs in a text area. The challenge was to process thousands of URLs in real time which was causing the existing module/script to timeout. We designed and implemented a solution using fake fork with Non-blocking system calls and Ajax that would allow the processing of all the URLs with real time notification to user's browsers with Perl backend and jQuery/Ajax for an UI notification.

Admin Tool for managing promotional games and viewing stats

Ads and Promotions through games/multi-site stats montoring
Marketing/Advertizing Promotions
OO Perl, PHP-Custom framework, HTML Template Engine, MS Sql Server 2005, jQuery

Designed and implemeted an admin interface on an existing system for managing all statistics and activities of users participating in any competition being organized by a particular client. A client here is an entity that is identified on the web via a unique URL. The admin has three types of users that can login - super admins, client admins and sales rep admins.

Super admin has all the privileges such as managing all the users as well as other client information for any contest, while client admins have privilege only related to their own competition and users related to that competition. A sales rep admin has the least privilege and are able to just see the statistics flow.

The application is able to get all the information retrieved for the admin users such as number of users involved in a particular competition, scores of an user, ability to change their personal information, comparison of different competitions statistics, searching of any particular user in all the contests, creating and deleting a new admin and assigning their roles for different competitions (only for super admin).

Heavily used jQuery for rich user interfaces and converted existing perl modules to php counterpart. The code and db had to undergo revisions via scheduled reviews to be optimized for high traffic.

Modules and plugin development for a e-commerce product

Software Development Company
OO Perl, Linux, Postgres, jQuery, Apcahe, HTML, CSS, AJAX, SCCS

Designed and implemented modules on an existing content management system. The product is used by various companies to host their websites on it. Implemented customizations for the companies by developing modules/plugins as per their requirements. Some of the features apart from static content management included a module to take an archive/backup/restore of the complete website or its sub parts(menus, contents, templates, pages) with multiple options.

We also implemented clients, suppliers and returns modules and implemented the backend db and templates. Clients module includes profile setup, functional settings, address and other settings. Suppliers module consists of suppliers profile management, settings, products loading. Return module is used to enable the functionality of returning products if user wants to return products. We also modified/debugged various existing modules to get them up functional for the different company users.

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