Mindfire has deep experience developing Windows Mobile, Pocket PC and .NET Compact Framework (.NET CF) business applications. We describe some of these WinMobile/PPC enterprise data project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.

  • PlantCol
  • Pest control
  • OLO Order Entry
  • Freight Systems
  • GRS
  • Inventory Tracking System
  • Windows Program
  • Kiosk Application for HPC
  • Singles/ Doubles Tennis Charting Software
  • Warehouse project
  • Wheels
  • Relational database for PDAs: Palm & Pocket PC & Smartphones
  • Voice Recording software for Pocket PCs, Smartphones & Palm OS
  • SD Card read / write speed tester
  • Home Inspection Software
  • Tagged Media Uploader
  • Handheld filetracking application
  • Online Inventory Management App
  • Printed Circuit Board
  • Bus ticket sales and guard management app


VB .NET, Symbol Mobility Developer Kit 1.1 for .NET, SQL CE 2.0, C# .NET, eVC++ 4 for customized sync library, ASP, MS Access

PlantCol is a Pocket PC 2003 application running on Symbol devices has features to login different plant users and collect data as per their area code. User can scan barcodes and collect data for the scanned codes. Barcode scanning is one of the richest features that this application had to provide on Symbol devices. The application also has high-speed data sync feature using binary data transfer.

Pest control

VB .NET, C# .NET, eVC++ 4, Symbol Mobility Developer Kit 1.1, Pocket PC 2003 SDK, SQL CE 2.0, ASP, SQL Server 2000

Pest Control application is designed to replace an older paper invoice system for the Pest Management Industry. The Service provider carry the Symbol PDT 8100 devices to the sites and feed data to the application. The application has features to process invoices, schedule them, print the reports and also there is a feature, which allows user to provide signature. A custom synchronization process developed using eVC++ 4 and C# .NET at device end and a related dll on server syncs the data to the SQL server. This is a pocket pc application with rich features like reporting and printing reports and faster sync with the server. The application server side database gets data from an AS400 system regularly for new Service provider and also uploads data collected to AS400 system using a .NET Windows Service.

OLO Order Entry

VB .NET, Symbol Mobility Developer Kit 1.2, Pocket PC 2003 SDK, SQL CE 2.0, ASP .NET Web service, SaphaireIrDA library for printing

The OLO Order Entry software is used by salespersons to enter customer sales orders. The sales order can be entered, printed, and uploaded to a personal computer. The OLO Order Entry software has been written to be fairly self-explanatory to the Operator – a salesperson who knows about customers and items and orders, but not much about handheld computers or Palm units.  OLO Order entry was originally developed using Satellite Forms 5.2 and was targeted for Palm OS versions 4.1 through 5.21 running on Symbol SPT 1550. We ported this application from Satellite forms to .Net compact framework to support Symbol PDT 8100/8800, MC 9000S series Pocket PC 2003 devices.

Freight Systems

C# .NET, 2003/2005, eVC++ 4, Symbol Mobility Developer Kit 1.4, Pocket PC 2003 SDK, SQL CE 2.0, Intermec SDK for .NET, SaphaireIrDA

Freight System's Real-Time Logistics Solutions allow you fully automate your routing, scheduling, dispatch and customer service operations – almost overnight. Additionally, with real-time information that is constantly being fed into the Freight System by drivers and dispatch, your customers can receive up to the minute updates and also have the option of logging onto your website to track pickup and delivery status over the web in real time. It has automated Dispatch & Tracking System. Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility includes ETA's that change dynamically based on driver activity, cancellations and reschedules. It has two-way Automated Wireless Communications allow real-time GPS-enabled driver tracking, directions, bar code scanning, proof of delivery, signature capture. We ported this application from eVB and eVC 3 to .NET compact framework and eVC ++4.


VB .NET 2003, Symbol Mobility Developer Kit 1.4, Pocket PC 2003 SDK, SQL CE 2.0, ASP .NET Web Service

GRS is a data collection application that is intended for the management of a golf rewards system.  The data is synchronized with a back-end database using XML. It uses Symbol handheld mobile terminals to collect data in the field.  This data is then passed over any TCP/IP communication pipe which can be created by using a dial-up modem cradle to establish a connection with an ISP, or by using GPRS, or by connecting the handheld devices to the public internet via an intermediate provider such as using Active sync on a Desktop. With a link established Microsoft's Internet Information Server, IIS, and then provides the infrastructure for http requests to be made to a GRS web services page.  The web services marshal requests and handle data transactions for received requests.  Along with handling data transfer to the server, the handheld application also initiates a data pull from the server.  This allows for master table changes server side to be published to the handheld application.

Inventory Tracking System

VB .NET 2005, Socket Scan SDK, Pocket PC 2003 SDK, RAPI library for synchronization

This is a data collection application to keep stock of a Carpet Selling company's inventory.  The pocket pc application was developed for HP iPAQ with barcode scanning using Socket Scan cards. The server side data was transferred as comma separated CSV files from a FileMaker  database to PPC using a server side program which uses RAPI for file transfer. The Pocket PC application reads and writes data to the CSV files using a custom dll built on top of OpenNETCF class for CSV read and writes. The data is synchronized with a combination of handheld side sync program and server side RAPI program.

Windows Program


VB .NET 2003/2005, Socket Scan SDK, Pocket PC 2003/WM5 SDK

This is a data collection application for various dimensions of rooms using Disto Plus and Disto A4 measuring device. The pocket pc application was developed for HP iPAQ with barcode scanning and serial port programming for Disto measuring device. The server side data was transferred as comma separated CSV files to PPC using a server side program which uses RAPI for file transfer. The Pocket PC application reads and writes data to the CSV files using a custom dll built on top of OpenNETCF class for CSV read and writes. The data is synchronized with a combination of handheld side sync program and server side RAPI program. The program was made for both PPC 2003 and WM5 devices

Kiosk Application for HPC


C# .NET 2003

The Kiosk application was developed for Handheld PC running Windows CE 4.2 on an ARMv4 processor. The application has FTP facility to upload and download files from server. The application has features for printing and magnetic swipe card reading. The devices used are Applied Data HPC, IDTech Magnetic Swipe Card Reader, Customs printer and Citizen Kiosk printer PPU 231 II and PPU 700

Singles/ Doubles Tennis Charting Software


C# .NET, SQL CE 3.0, SQL CE 2.0, VS .NET 2005, ASP .NET Web Service

The original application was built in Java using the J2ME framework that runs alongside other applications on Palm-based PDA's and Smart phones to provide real-time statistical analysis of a tennis match.  The full product is comprised of software that runs on a PDA and on a PC.  The PDA components allow the user to capture tennis match information with just a few taps of a stylus on a PDA screen and then can provide immediate, real-time statistics about that tennis match.  The PC components allow the user to transfer the match information, by way of a Hot sync operation, from their PDA to their PC in order to retain it for future use and to further analyze the match data.    In addition, the hot sync and PC components are part of a licensing mechanism that prevents users from giving the software away to all of their friends – a common occurrence in PDA software.
There are two variants of the product – one for the game of singles and one for the game of doubles.  Each of these variants is architecturally similar but they are functionally dissimilar.  This is due to the fact that the game of singles is significantly different in the way that it is played from the game of doubles (more players, different service and return semantics, etc.). We ported this application to Pocket PC 2003 devices, Pocket PC Second Edition/ Phone Edition devices and Windows Mobile 5 devices.

Warehouse project


VB .NET 2005, SQL Server 2005, Symbol Mobility Developer Kit 1.4 for .NET

The application tracks Purchase Order and Ad Hoc received. The application also has Put Away section to keep accounts of number of items fetched and the source location of items and the destination location of items unloaded from trucks. The application supported symbol barcode scanning. The application was made for Symbol MC 909x series WCE 5 devices and the data from handheld is transferred to server side SQL server 2005 database at real time.


VB .NET 2005/ 2003, SQL Server 2005, Symbol Mobility Developer Kit 1.4 for .NET

The Project is basically about the loading and unloading of packets on the truck. The application runs on WM5, WCE 5, PPC 2003 devices and has 4 parts. Showroute, Dock, Osd  and Config. Under showroute it basically displays the route details. Dock and Config is further divided into two major parts loading and receiving.Under the loading part the scanning is done at the loaders end and the packages are loaded and send to the destination.Here the manifest number or truck number or the pronumber can be scanned.It also gives the facility to load or unload the packages to the truck.The other is the receivers end where the same processing is done again with the only difference that by default in receivers section the count is decreased by one by default(since the packages are unloaded) and on the loading section the scan count is incremented by one.

Targeted devices for this project are Symbol MC 909x G series Windows CE 5 devices, Symbol MC 900x S series PPC 2003 devices.

Relational database for PDAs: Palm & Pocket PC & Smartphones

Provider of high quality, affordable productivity solutions for mobile handheld and smartphone users
EVC 3, 4, C++, Visual Studio 2005, Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition, Smartphones

A relational database for Window Mobile based PDAs and Smartphones.  We did the development & maintenance of the software. It includes supporting multiple screen dimensions and resolutions; Ability to take photos and store them in database; ability to transfer the data to PC; ability to beam data to other Palm devices using infrared. Database has forms which user can easily customize / create for his own use.

Voice Recording software for Pocket PCs, Smartphones & Palm OS

Maker of Intelligent Dictation and Transcription Products
Mobile Professionals
evc 3, 4, Visual Studio 2005, C/C++, Smartphones, Pocket PC, PPC Phone edition, Palm OS, Codewarrior 9.x

This product is used to record voice (mostly used in transcriptions) while you speak to record or via talking on phone. It uses third party compression algorithms so that the generated audio files don't take lot of space. You can also attach notes to the audio files which can be viewed at anytime.  Files can be transferred to PC using Active Sync (PPC), HotSync (Palm), or to a server using FTP or direct socket connection over GPRS.

SD Card read / write speed tester

Maker of Intelligent Dictation and Transcription Products
C++, evc 3, 4, Windows Mobile

Application was developed in order to find out the speed of read and write functions on an SD Card and then present the results to the user. Bitrates could be configured to test specific details.

Home Inspection Software

Home Inspection
C# .NET 2005, .NET Crystal report  IX, RAPI Library for Synchronization

Home Inspection Software minimizes the time spent in gathering facts of commercial and residential inspected properties and writing reports.With this version inspectors can create custom reports and select from over 3,300 already entered findings, add photos and captions, change the color of text as to be printed in report, inspector can also create reports for commercial properties as well, add as many sections as they like, write reports for multifamily housing, create sections to describe anything they find in the field, create popular short inspection reports, enter their data on pda and synchronize back into the pc/laptop running the desktop program at the office or vehicle, all in an easy to use format that conforms to the way they do business! The PC software runs on all current Windows operating systems, Win 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP and Vista . The counterpart PDA program runs on devices running Windows Mobile 5 and Pocket PC 2003.

Tagged Media Uploader

Entertainment Company
Business Solutions / Entertainment
Visual Studio 2008, C#, Windows Mobile 5.0 / 6.0, XML/HTTP

The project is about developing a Windows Mobile Client for Uploading the zip files on Server.

Client / User can connect to the server by user name and password. There is an implementation of HTTP Protocols to connect to the web service and getting the data for the Client. There is a dynamic generation of UI which is based on the data in XML Files that Client gets after successfully log in.

The functionality of the application includes taking the Pictures and making Videos through Camera Application to upload the Image/Video files on the server. Client can select any other file too through Browse Button functionality.

Client / User can select multiple files to upload on the server. These files are uploaded in the form of Zip File. Uploading Process includes Data Transfer in the form of Packets. Once User is successfully connected to Server, he is assigned a session ID. After each zip file uploading, a request is send to the Server for File Validation. If there is any problem in the Packets Transfer then it resumes from the next packet when you send the file again.

User can add multiple files in the Queue to be uploaded. Complete detail of files can be observed on the Upload Status Screen including File Name, File Size, Transferred Data (Packets), Date of creation and a Delete Button. User can delete the files from the list of zip files to be Uploaded by clicking on the Delete Button.

Overall its a very handy application to Take some Pictures / Videos / Other files and upload them on the Server in the form of zip file.

Handheld filetracking application

Microsoft Windows CE, Version 5.00, C# Smart Device Programming, Web Service

Application uses:

  1. Commission RFID tag with Physical file folder
  2. Feed data into application to create a list of missing file record
  3. Locating missing record by handheld RFID Tag Reading
The locating procedure will be:
  1. Operator initiates the handheld application
  2. Operator specifies either the Tag ID or the medical record number. Operator initiates the "Locate Medical Record" option
  3. When missing medical records are located, two things will happen        
    • The missing medical record number color will red in list of missing record, As the handheld read the missing folder
    • The reader will "beep". As the handheld read the missing folder

Online Inventory Management App

Software Service
Windows Mobile, SQL CE, Dot Net CF

The app is a mobile solution to help customers to handle the sales and track inventory. Apart from the online mode, it works in offline mode too. As soon as the app comes online, it synchronizes the data with the server. Feature includes:

- Receive and process the purchase orders against the item barcodes
- Pick-up sales orders
- Manages the fulfilment process of the orders. It can also fulfil the order partially by maintaining the back orders queue for the unavailable items, which gets delivered later as and when available
- On marking the fulfilment as completed it starts the orders delivery by maintaining the real time delivery status
- Upon successful delivery, it captures the signature of the customer as acknowledgement
- Manage orders return process

Printed Circuit Board

MultiMedia and Services
Network, Multimedia, Services
WinForm, .NET 4.0, MS Excel Interop

This is a Windows application is to help manage the test and automate the process of building and verifying different components of Printed Circuit Board. This application contains a number of discrete modules like Power Calculator (to calculate power for each component), Signal pins activity manager (to track activities of signal pins), PCB layout and schematic tools, Log Automaton etc.

Bus ticket sales and guard management app

Software Solutions provider
Windows Mobile, .Net CF, SQLCE

Developed a ticket sales and guard management application. The Guard uses the app in the installed devices to sell the ticket to the customer. Customer can reserve the seat in the bus from ticket counter. The pull sync mechanism syncs the data to the device in order to get the booked ticket details. So the guard can scan the bar code printed on the ticket and validate it as soon as the passenger wants to board the bus. Due the sync mechanism the app can also operate in the offline mode too.

It allows the inspectors, intermediate stop agencies and controllers to validate the correctness of the tickets sold, money collected, passengers presents in the bus etc.

The guard has the ability to create new services in case the device is offline. Guard can sell and print tickets with/without assigning a seat to the customer depending upon the internet availability.

The device integrated printer prints the tickets for the customers and other mini reports from the device in order to report to the higher authorities as well as the controllers. It also has multilingual support for English and Spanish.

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