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Mindfire Solutions' team of Servoy developers provide expert Servoy development in multiple areas and platforms. Our expertise in Servoy is derived from years of experience and deep knowledge of Java – Servoy's underlying technology. Mindfire's Servoy team has worked on various development projects that covers the entire gamut of its application space. Our team's expertise and passion for the technology reflects in the quality of our deliverables and the delight it brings to our client base.



Servoy has its application across a wide range of areas. Our breadth of expertise enables us to use Servoy.
  • As a platform for building cross-platform software products
  • Custom business systems
  • Rich/Web client supported applications (Internet/Intranet)

We leverage on our deep of expertise in Servoy to offer the following services:
  • Client/server application development
  • Smart/rich client or web client
    development servicesServoy Alliance Network Member
  • Consulting and programming services
  • Plug-ins and beans
    development services
  • Integration services through
    headless client
  • Porting and migration services
  • Software maintenance and support services
  • QA and testing services
  • Developing and Integrating REST web services
  • Mobile Development


Client-server application development

Our Servoy experts have strong experience in delivering client-server application for both smart and the web clients. Technologies used include Servoy 2.x, Servoy 3.x, Servoy 4.x, Servoy 5.x, Servoy 6.x, Servoy 7.x.

Smart/ Web Client application development

We have wide experience in Smart/Web Client supported application development on various database servers such as MySQL, SQL Server, Sybase ASE, Oracle, OpenBase, PostgreSQL and FileMaker on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms on various domains.

Integration through Servoy Headless client

Our developers have good experience in integrating Servoy applications with other Java/JSP based applications through Servoy Headless client.

Custom plug-ins and beans development

Our custom Servoy plug-ins and beans development team is committed to extend its capability beyond its boundaries. Our team comprises of Servoy and Java developers and uses Java Technologies for successful plug-in and bean development on popular platforms, such as Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

Plug-ins and beans

We have developed a number of plug-ins and beans for Servoy to order to showcase our depth in this field; apart from contributing towards strengthening the Servoy community. Please click on the following for details: Our Plug-ins are also listed in the Servoy site. For details, please click on Our Servoy engineers have hands-on experience across a number of custom, third party plug-ins & beans; including our own ones. Plug-ins such as mfRecordPro, mfServerUtils, Jasper Report Plug-in for Servoy, Scanner Plug-in for Servoy etc. and beans such as JSpinner, DBTreeView etc. are names of a few.


Our Servoy developers have good experience in migrating Servoy applications from Servoy 3.x, 4.x, 5.x to 6.x or 7.x. In addition to that, we have "ported" or migrated software systems and business applications in FileMaker to Servoy, FoxPro to Servoy and many other technologies to Servoy.
Developing and Integrating RESTful web services
Our developers have expertise on developing web services in Servoy. We have implemented projects where different Servoy applications communicate to each other through web services. Also, we have integrated many third party web services inside Servoy.


With the release of Servoy Mobile 7.x.x, our Servoy developers have gained extensive knowledge on Servoy Mobile development. Some of the mobile projects are in development stage.


Mindfire's Servoy team has delivered multiple business systems in Servoy. Here are some examples of systems we have developed on Servoy.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Contact management system (CMS)
  • Inventory management system
  • Electronic health records (EHR/EMR) system
  • Laboratory management system (LMS)
  • Time-sheet management system
  • Online Meeting Management
  • Transportation/Cargo Management
  • Request and Fulfillment System


From meeting system development requirements for small businesses to handling diverse needs of IT departments of medium and large enterprises, our Servoy team has successfully executed projects across various industries. Some of them are:
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Online / Internet
To view some of our Servoy projects please visit Servoy Development or to view the plug-ins & beans developed by us, please visit List of Servoy Beans & Plug-ins. To discuss about our services, expertise and how we can help you, please contact us on or call 1-248-686-1424.

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Client Testimonial

StartQuotes"Mindfire has enabled us to reduce costs and increase productivity. The team we have provides fast and reliable development support. We are very happy with the level of service from Mindfire." - Ken Morency, IceFire Studios Corp.

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Key Points

  • The only Servoy Alliance Network (SAN) member from India
  • 10 Servoy developers and 15 clients in the Europe/US
  • 5+ years of experience in Servoy development
  • Experience in all Servoy versions from 2.0 to the current version of 5.1Final Eclipse based
  • Participation in and contribution to the Servoy community
  • Developed free plug-ins for Servoy - Servoy List of Beans & Plug-ins

Servoy Innovations @ Mindfire

  • Servoy JavaScript Bridge
  • Appointments Module
  • Record Plug-in
  • JSpinner Bean
  • Server Utility Plug-in
  • FTP Plug-in

Case Studies

  • Servoy App for Effective Waste Management

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