Mindfire has deep experience developing 4D desktop/server/web software applications. We describe some of these 4D database development project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.

  • Cardiology information management system (CIMS)
  • Enhancements to cardiology reporting system (CRS)
  • Migration of Purchasing Management System
  • 837i Parser

Cardiology information management system (CIMS)

4D v11 SQL, JavaScript, Yahoo User Interface (YUI)

The CIMS project involved the building a web application from an existing desktop application. The development involved implementation of Yahoo UI classes and innovative use of JavaScript to create web pages that rely solely on 4D for server-side information. CIMS is fast, flexible cardiology software for report generation and revenue collection. It streamlines the analysis, reporting and maintenance of a lab's information. The web based section involved the Echo databases where one can enter data, comments, measurements, review, and send results to the hospital system and referring physician.

Enhancements to cardiology reporting system (CRS)

4D v11 SQL

The project involved adding functionalities to the desktop application to enable different user groups such as Physicians and Technicians customize the lists and menu items according to their own preferences. These customized items are later used in automatic report generation. We have implemented various types of lab entry templates as an option for laboratories (facilities) and physicians, which can be configured by the administrator on the company level. Physician also has the option to choose their template, which overwrites the default company level template selection. Some of the reporting changes has been made to fulfill the clients requirements

Migration of Purchasing Management System

4D v6.7, 4D 2003, 4D v11 SQL

This database is used to manage purchasing information for an interior design company. The application need to be upgrade from 4D v6.7 to 4D v11. Following enhancements has been done:
1. Implemented the ability to maintain a history of revisions of specifications and purchase orders needs to be added with only the current (latest) revision used for reporting purposes.
2. Implemented the need that each specification/item for a purchase order (P.O.) should have a place to store a drawing of the item.  Also implemented revision history maintenance.
3. Added fields for Areas and Rooms to the purchase order. Once these areas are defined for a project, a user will be able to select which area and room to use for each purchase order or specification.
4. Added the option to edit specifications in a list view as easy as in Excel.  This allows the designers to modify costs and other specifications to bring prices in line with a budget.

837i Parser

4D V11

The purpose of 837i is achieving a totally electronic data interchange health encounter/claims processing and payment environment. In this project, each data for every transaction are verified as per the rule of 837i format. After all validations, the valid transactions are inserted into the database and rest is kept into the error log file.

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