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  • Project Management PDF Forms
  • Sales Order creation using PDF Form
  • Health Care Domain PDF forms
  • Energy Survey Form

Project Management PDF Forms

Project Management
Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2, Adobe JavaScript

This is a project management PDF Form with extreme JavaScript validation where users have to fill all the required fields and send it to the Administrator. There are several dependents and required fields present based upon certain selections made in the form.

There are several read-only checkboxes present those get auto-populate/auto-check depending on the selections made in the form. The form has certain functionality with custom buttons like "Save As", "Submit As XML", "Submit As PDF". When the Administrator gets the form he/she assigns the Project ID and Project Manager through a set of protected fields. The Administrator has to enter the password to unlock the protected fields. The entire document is password protected to restrict any un-authorize edit operation on the form. The form is Adobe Reader enabled so that it would work both in Adobe Acrobat Pro as well as in Adobe Reader.

Sales Order creation using PDF Form

Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe JavaScript, XML

This is a Sales Order creation form having extensive JavaScript validations. Basically it is a pair of PDF forms, one to be used by the sales representative and the other to be used by the back office staff to process and push orders to the database.

The first form (used by Sales Rep) takes customer list, shipping address list, product and price details as xml data input and this xml is pre-loaded into this form. This helps the sales representative to create a sales order with auto suggest dropdowns within PDF form. This generate an xml output, to be submitted as email to back office. The back office staff collects the xml order files from the email and load in the second form to check the validity of data. Then they do appropriate correction in data and export xml to be used to import to the database.

Each of the PDF form contains two section, Customer and Item Section. The Customer sections take the customer id, name, shipping and billing address etc. as input. The JavaScript auto suggest works to pick items from list boxes, as you keep typing. Change in one field reflects change in the other linked fields. The item section take a matrix of products in a tabular format, auto calculates the amount multiplying the unit price with quantity and also derives the total amount.

Health Care Domain PDF forms

HealthCare Services Provider
Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro, Acrobat JavaScript

These are series of Acrobat PDF forms intended to be used in Health Care applications. These forms contains extensive JavaScript validations at Document level and Field level. Each form has several hidden fields used to contain information like url, form-id etc. All the fields have customized JavaScript validations. These forms have several read only fields where the data gets populated from database. Some dependent active fields are also present which only works upon certain conditions. Calculation fields are there to calculate values of few fields automatically. Each page of the form contains option for Printing and Saving the form data. In some cases the Printing and Saving options are also customized. These forms work in Adobe Reader, also as part of websites to be opened within browser.

The client is working with Mindfire for last three years and continuously giving us new PDF form development and enhancement assignments almost every week.

Energy Survey Form

Energy  Firm
Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2, Adobe JavaScript

There are two complex and long PDF forms in this assignment each of around 10 pages. These forms are used to collect data from a survey. The survey involves collecting data for energy department like the Utility name, Utility EIA code, the types of fuel, fuel characteristics, energy values etc. These form used to calculate the Annual weighted average, Automatic adjustment clause (AAC), Base price plus escalation charges etc.

There are several types of fields where each fields are customized by JavaScripts. There are options to add or delete selected pages as section of the complete form depending upon certain user preferences.There are multiple dependent DropDown lists which works on dynamically added pages too. The forms include expandable tables where the rows of the table can be extended or deleted to add or remove any additional information. These forms can be submitted online by HTTP post, by e-mail as an XML attachments. After filling the form fully or partially the user can save the form details for future reference. A print option is also available to print the form along with data..

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