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  • Ergonomic Management
  • Health Information Site
  • Photo Upload Module
  • DNN Module - GetOurService
  • Online Donation Management
  • Online Weight Management System
  • DotNetNuke - Tooling and Services
  • Registration, Nutritional Analysis & Diet Planner Module
  • Charity Website
  • DotNetNuke Skin Designing and Development
  • Automotive Warehouse Scanning Management System
  • DotNetNuke Website Development
  • Online Support Website
  • FAQ Website
  • Shopping Website
  • Manage Leads
  • Weight Management
  • Suvey/Feedback Modules for DNN Website
  • Personal Learning Site
  • DNN – Migration of multiple websites
  • Catalog Management System
  • Service Delivery System
  • DNN Website for Display Community

Ergonomic Management

ASP.NET, DotNetNuke, SQL Server 2005

This is an ergonomic website based on Dotnetnuke. It can be used across multiple companies. There are several workers, evaluators, managers, Company Administrators & Project Administrators. The evaluator can create multiple projects as well as surveys. These surveys may be associated to a specific project or some workers. The surveys (problems related to the workers) are sent to the workers and they answer the Survey questions. Then the evaluator provides the solution to the problems as per the answers of the workers. Also, there is a functionality that shows the percentages of red (Hazard), green (Ok), yellow (warning) of the respective workers as per their answers given to the questions in the Survey.

Health Information Site

IT/Web Services
ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server 2005, DotNetNuke, AJAX

This website is used to provide general health information for covered employees to promote a healthy lifestyle. The main features includes a quiz for all registered employees, a Nightly Processing webservice for updating employee database, different summary reports for employees, employers and admin. Other features are: •Provide an on-line resource for employee test taking that will allow employees to keep up to date with monthly testing per the program's requirements •Allow company users to view the total amount of enrolled users and to obtain an aggregate view of their employee's current status •Allow site administrators to add and update companies, view current employee and company statistics •Allow site administrators to export all quiz history data with full results for all quizzes taken by employees in a given month •Allow site administrators to import a file to load health test results for covered employees. The results will be shown in the employee section for insured members' personal review onlu.

Photo Upload Module

Software Product & Services
.NET Framework 2.0, DotNetNuke 4.9, SQL Server 2005 (Express Edition)

The DNN module is upgraded from DNN 1.X to DNN 4.9 and separated the asp pages from the existing version to a new web project YBOUpload and converted the ASP pages to the ASPX page. The YBO module is an iframe where we have used the web project YBOUpload as the URL parameter of the iframe. The setting page of the YBO module contains all attributes related to the iframe. The YBOUpload web project is used for uploading the file (images) to the server. There are two types of the upload. First is the normal upload by browsing and uploading the file to the server by calling a web service. Second upload functionality is using the XUpload and ASPUpload to upload the file by calling the web service. We have setup two DNN sites for the client to used the above module along with Catalook store module.

DNN Module - GetOurService

Insurance Service
ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server 2005, DotNetNuke

GetOurService is a module which posted data from DotNetNuke site to another site. The data is related to the user information which includes User Profile information (name, email, etc..) as well as user ID and password. Also get response from target site and redirects the user to any page with the hash ID (Response) in the QueryString. Then the targeted site performs the appropriate authentication based on the hash ID. For the security aspect hash ID will removed from DB for future requests and prevents the delicacy.

Online Donation Management

ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server 2005, DotNetNuke

The application is an initiative to collect donation for physically challenged people in Australia. We have developed complete application with some of the existing DNN modules and several customized modules.

The "Registration" module helps the visitor to register themselves. The "My Profile" module give functionalities to edit client information including picture edit facility. A resister Using "Invite Friend" module, user (Registrant) can invite one or more Invite (Any one in his know circle) to give donation for physical challenged people. Invitee can pay through "Invite pay" module and Registrant can pay through "Registrant pay" module.

We have developed few other module like "Invitee definitely decline", "Invitee definitely decline", "Registrant and Invite paid", "Registrant pay if Invitee declined" etc., with the algorithm shared by our client.

All the payment (Registrant and Invitee) can be made through "PayPal" module and all email and notification between Invitee and registrant can be done through "Email/ Notification" module.

Online Weight Management System

ASP.NET, SQL Server 2008,  AJAX with DotNetNuke 4.8.3

Online Weight Management System assists its customer to loss their extra obesity weight and help them to stay fit. The system can well tracked the daily activities of the subscribed user like, their diet plans, exercise frequency, online health training history, appointment and all. The system is defined with an automated SMS getway so that the one month trial user receive an e-mail in regular interval of time to encourage them to convert as subscription member. And Paypal system will help the trail user to convert a subscribe user. The SMS system also sent automated notice and alert to all level of users in the system if they missed any training session, appointment slot or diet plan entry

Many Modules has been developed like, Appointment module, Doctor and health history module, Recipe module, SMS and Email for different role base member for this CMS. Also we have integrated many 3rd party DNN modules includeing Dataspring's Dynamic Form module, Ultra Video Module, SunBlog, WhosOn Live etc to bring greater functionality and feasibility to this DotNetNuke health care system.

DotNetNuke - Tooling and Services

Software Service Provider
DotNetNuke 5.6.3, C# 4.0, Sql Server 2008, JQuery

This is a DotNetNuke powered website developed for a tooling and services company. This website helps users to provide information about the services it deals with and products photo gallery.

Developed one DotNetNuke module integrating a jQuery slider providing so many customization facility to site administrator. Also developed 2 skin and 1 container for the website look and feel according to the client's requirement.

Registration, Nutritional Analysis & Diet Planner Module

Consulting Service
DotNetNuke 6.0.2 , Asp 4.0, SQL Server 2008

We developed few DotNetNuke modules as per client requirements. And all modules are localized means can be customized by admin to be viewed in different languages.

  1. LFOnlineGenerator Module:
    • Registered user can login and after login to view their nutritional analysis.
    • Un-Authenticated Users can navigate to Personal Information module to add their personal details.
  2. LFRegistration Module:
    • User can get registered into the DotNetNuke website.
  3. LFDietPersonalInformation Module:
    • Registered user as well Other users can fill weight and height to view their Nutritional calculation like BMI, Ideal Weight, Fat, and Protein etc.
  4. LFMyDiet:
    • can view their personal information as they have entered
    • can view calculated nutritional values like BMI, Ideal weight, fat etc.
    • can add foods to different meals like breakfast, lunch, dinner etc.
    • can log their daily exercises and view the calorie loose
    • can log daily weight, journal and measurements,
    • can view monthly view calendar where user can check whether he has added meals, exercises and weight for all days or not.
    • can view weekly or monthly reports for recorded exercise, weight and measurements.
    • can print diet plans.
    • can send emails.
        This LFMyDiet is integrated with Smith Cart (Third party shopping cart module) to buy  products which are added to diet plan. Admin can  add/edit localized

    •   Product Units
    •   Product Categories
    •   Products
    •   Exercise Category
    •   Exercises
    •   And delete also.

Charity Website

Social website for Charity/donation
Asp Dot Net 3.5, DotNetNuke 6.01, SQL Server 2008, Ajax tool kit, Jquery 1.8, Wcf, Webservice

This website is all about to motivate individuals to give donation to charity organizations they like. Main feature is an individual can get registered into the site and become a user. The a user can search for thousands of charity organization by cause and motive of the charities.

User needs to create a network/ tree associated with a charity then donate some amount, then share that network details/ links with their friends so that they can donate to any charity associated with that network and so on. In this way that network or tree will grow.

Additional features:
  • User can get registed into the system using facebook user id.
  • User can share or like any link using facebook api.
  • User can share a network detail link using facebook, sending email by smtp, sending email by outlook or local email setup.
  • Image rotators, that display dynamic images from db.
Admin Functionality:
  • Can add/ edit/ manage charity details.
  • Can import bulk charity details from excel sheet into database.
  • Manage Email templates.

DotNetNuke Skin Designing and Development

Software Service Provider
Asp Dotnet 3.5, Dotnetnuke 6.1.1, Sql Server 2008, Ajax ToolKit

This is just a part of a existing mobile website. All the Help pages are managed by Admin with adding new pages and modifying created pages. New modules for the homepage of help section are managed by the Admin. There are options for User Management, Category Management, Content Management, Phone management etc. available to Admin. Country related information can be updated by Admin section.

Automotive Warehouse Scanning Management System

Code Complete
DotNetNuke, and Sql server 2008

System to assist in preparing reports for automotive manufacturers.

The software system processes data and produces dynamic reports using RDLC.

The data that is processed can come from 4 sources:

1.  Files uploaded into the system (either manually by the user, or  
     automatically on the server)
2.  Data extracted directly from the clients existing ERP databases residing on
     a local MS SQL Server (Syspro, SAP Business 1, Pastel etc.)
3.  BMAIS website
4.  Data capture by a user

The user interacts with the system through a website and this is where the data is Edited/captured/imported, the processing is started, and the reports are viewed and downloaded by the user.

System also allows the user to enter the necessary data manually like... Adding customers, Suppliers and customizing the existing reports and it provides the interface to set the necessary settings for the whole automation process of Warehouse Management system, so that system can automatically Process the data according to the settings.

DotNetNuke Website Development

Social, Informative
Dotnetnuke 5.2, Asp.Net 3.5, Sql Server 2008

This website is contains only information related different places and living styles. The website is meant for only to display different information about different culture channels, community voices, diverse people, environment, business styles and education etc. This is also carries few third party modules in order to display rotating ads and have facility to send feedback to support email-id etc. Features: - Administrator can add hundreds of ads to be displayed in site - Administrator can set ad rotation interval to rotate in seconds - User can get different information from site and send feedback to website host

Online Support Website

Software Service Provider
Dotnetnuke 7.0, ASP.Net 4.0

This website contains information related to their product and services. Worked on existing site to improve overall performance using Dotnetnuke module and page level cache settings.

Modified existing skins and font to change the look and feel of the website. Added new content, few pages and did related CSS work to make added content fit to the pages. Fixed issues of feed and contact module to avoid page crash and behave as per requirements. Installed  Dotnetnuke blog community version module and did setup to a new page. Also SMTP settings were setup to make contact module functional and deploy the site to the production (given shared hosting account/ server).

Upgraded the site from 6 to latest version i.e, DotNetNuke 7.0.04. Modified the entire look and feel of an existing website. Setup DotNetNuke blog module in the site. Fixed few bugs related to existing modules. Improved the overall site performance and deployed to production.

FAQ Website

Software Services Provider
Telecom Industry
DotNetNuke (DNN) 6.1, ASP.NET 3.5, .NET Framework 4, SQL server 2008, Linq to SQL, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery 1.7, XML

FAQ website is one of the portals of our client which provide products and services related information for the FAQ of end users and trouble shooting techniques.  This site contains the  information in various formats like Text, External sites links, Images, Maps, Videos, PDF and installable files …. etc to educate the end users on their products and services.

Site is customized to load the user interface based on the user's browsing device I.e Desktop/Tab/Mobile. Custom search is provided for the end users to search for required  information. This site has a beautiful  custom Admin interface to  manage the information with  less  effort and a good responsive user interface for the end users.

Some of the key features related to the website, are listed below:

- Customized HTTP module to support SEO friendly urls and for the device detection.
- Custom module for content pushing from staging to production environment.
- Functionality to create desktop and mobile tabs dynamically through the custom modules.
- IPFilter module to restrict the login page access to the requests from specific IPs only.
- Design and developed skins for desktop and mobile browsers along with dynamic, sliding menus as per the customer's requirement.
- Implemented Google's custom search.
- Provided localization functionality.
- Functionality to get tariff for call, internet data usages across the countries.

Shopping Website

DNN/ DotNetNuke, Asp.Net 4.0, Sql Server 2008, C#

This website is based on DotNetNuke Community/ DNN Platform, consisting lots of custom modules which allows System Administrator to create a complete new shopping site in few clicks. Here integrated a third party API to get all categories/ products/ deals and coupons with cash back rewards or offers. So user can come to this shopping site, easily search for their interested offer and get redirected to actual/ reference site for purchasing the same.

Also we developed few utility custom modules that logs each users information those come to shopping site so that Administrator can easily get track of all users those are having some cash back for purchased any products.

Integrated 3rd party DNN modules 'OldTurtle_BizSuite', to allow user to add support tickets for claiming not getting cash back for purchasing any product or from site or any other issues.

Integrated windows scheduler for automated the import process, which will import all available new/ modified products/ deals/ coupons with certain interval of time defined by System Administrator. Created a template which allow DNN System Administrator, to create a new shopping portal with  few clicks for your new clients. Created custom modules which will allow System Administrator to manage all product/ deals/ coupons/ events/ ads related information of your all shopping portals(parent/ child portals) by staying at root site. Integrated Single Sing On Functionality in shopping DNN site. Here we created APIs in our DNN site for exposing few services out of the box. Like from website like DNN/ PHP/ etc Admin/ Developer can  consume our exposed web services in order to create/ edit users and log-in into our site for shopping.

Manage Leads

Software Service
DNN/ DotNetNuke , ASP.Net 4.0, C#, Sql Server 2008

Developed an independent DNN module for a client so that he can customize or sell this as an product to his clients. The main objective of this module is to allow administrator to create a form which will collect lead information and also enable him to manage those incoming leads and send them automated emails.

Administrator can provide permissions or enable any user who can create number of landing pages and add lead module for collecting new lead information. Authorized user can setup automated email template which will received by new lead when they gets registered using lead form. Leads can be managed based on landing pages. It can be moved to categories those are created by you. One can assign different email templates to different lead categories to send automated emails in given interval of time.

Allow administrator to export all leads in excel/ csv file format. Localization is available. Lead forms labels can be defined as per selected language. Form can be customized to display labels inside the text box or above the text box. Can select what fields do you want to display for capturing leads information. Also one can setup after form submission actions, like display thank you message or redirect o some external page.

Weight Management

Healthcare  Marketing
DotNetNuke 05.06.04, jQuery, JavaScript

Added new features to the existing site. Modifications done on the Grocery section in order to link up with Daily Meal Plan Section. So that from Grocery section members can easily import all food items that he/ she is going to take in coming weeks.

Added new section called Member Organization. Here System Admin can create new Organization and generate number of membership subscription keys and provide to any Organization. Later member of Organization can use this key to get registered into the Weight Program system and follow diet programs. Members also can use this key later to upgrade or extend their membership subscription.

Suvey/Feedback Modules for DNN Website

Public relations and investor relations consultancy
DNN 07.00.06 , Asp .Net 4.0, MS Sql Server 2012, Ajax tool kit, Jquery 1.8,  Web API, Microsoft Report Viewer 2010

Designed and developed Survey/Feedback modules for a DNN website which help in managing a survey,carrying out its analysis and subsequent review. The Administrator of the website is enabled to manage that by adding or editing or deleting clients and its employees. This also helps the administrator to manage the questions separately by providing a question library which will be used for creating a different survey. This new survey can be created for a client by the website administrator and then assigned to its employees.

This module also allows the administrator of the website to give scores against the answers to the questions in the Survey. Finally, the Reviewer can review the survey including questions and answers, scores and other comments. This is also included in the Archived Survey section (a survey on getting closed moves into the Archives section).

This project also features a Reports section which help to review and export survey reports. Report are created using Microsoft Report Viewer which will allow the user to export report in excel/ word and pdf format.

Personal Learning Site

Software Service Provider
DNN 07.00.06 , Asp .Net 4.0, MS Sql Server 2012, Ajax tool kit, JQuery 1.8,  Web API

Designed and developed a personal learning site for our client who operates in the education industry primarily. The over-all functionality of website for end users is to allow users to search for different graduate level online and onsite courses, get them registered  after making payment. It also allows users to avail discount on certain courses within a date range by applying discount code over payment process.

On development side, we have created 2 websites having same functionality with different UI given by client. For this we have developed 2 responsive skin packages as per given PSDs. We also developed number of custom modules as per requirements such as:

- Contact Us
- Request For A Course Catalog
- Find A Course
- Subscribe Now
- News/ Press Release

In this project also we have integrated a good number of 3rd party plugins / modules like:

- Hotcakes Commerce, a DNN E-commerce module
- SecureNet Payment Gateway
- OnyakTech SigmaLive (Live Chat), a DNN module
- Google Map for displaying onsite courses location

DNN – Migration of multiple websites

Software Services Provider
DotNetNuke (DNN),  SQL Server, TFS, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

Migrated multiple websites created using HTML/CSS, Wordpress, ASP.NET to DNN. Based on the requirement we have changed the existing templates/skins of the website, with responsiveness in place. We have also deployed many third-party modules needed bring the existing features in the new websites. Following is the list of sites we have migrated:

Order management: This website is used to search relevant products and services, with option download the brochure along with the provision to place orders with agreement on the predefined contracts available to access in PDF format.

Website for handling promotional offers: Web pages serving as single page web forms for promotional offers for their products (with coupons) along with the contests organized for users to win prizes.

Informative site on Scam Prevention: Website contains information related to Scam Prevention in Energy Sector.

Financial documents repository: Website serving as the interface and repository of the client's product, contains financial documents, news archives, governance documents, stock details. Investor's FAQ, etc.

Carbon Offset Calculator: Website serving as a landing page to calculate carbon offset.

Our work involved, design and development of DNN skins with responsiveness, installation/configuration of third-party modules like 3D slider, blog sections, form controls, offset calculators, single page landing forms, optimization sites for Search Engines, etc.

Catalog Management System

Software Services Provider
Production and Logistics
DNN 7.2, Asp.Net 4.5, .NET Framework 4.5, SQL server 2012, Knockout Js, jQuery 1.9, Bootstrap 3.0, Powershell 4.0, IIS 7.5

This is a multi-portal website in which each portal is associated to a brand to manage the brand's catalogs and products. Following is the key sub-systems (modules) to manage Catalogs of multiple brands.

User maintenance module provides a simple and beautiful interface to manage users and their roles.

Brand maintenance system contains functionality to manage the brands. Using this module, admin can create a dedicated portal for each brand.

  Company, branch and user group management feature provides interface to create companies and their branches of brands. Each company is a group of branches which contain actual users. This module also provides functionality to create a user group with specific access rights to the resources i.e. each User group is associated with specific roles. If any user is associated with a user group then he will get all roles which are associated with that user group. User groups can be associated to these  branches to provide access to the users based on the groups to which they belong to.

Category maintenance module provides a simple and beautiful tree-view interface to manage the sections, categories, sub-categories and products/catalogs. This interface provides functionalities like managing images, documents, videos , etc., of catalogs.  Drag and drop functionality has been implemented to move catalogs or categories across the tree nodes.

Import and export contacts feature simple interface and good functionality running behind to exports users contact information to constant contact site using it's API. Users information flow between catalog management system and constant contact site's through this module.

Company Branch Locator module shows the location of a branch or company  on the Google map, based on their longitude and latitude value which are added through company branch management module.

Content deployment automation feature is developed to make deployment process easy. The functionality is to get database changes, Documents and images changes from one website to another i.e. test environment to development environment and from development environment to production environment. Powershell scripts are developed to accomplish the task with the help of SQL server's tablediff.exe, sqlcmd.exe and robocopy.exe tools.

Service Delivery System

Software Services Provider
DNN 07.03.01 , ASP.NET 4.0, MS SQL Server 2012, Ajax Tool Kit, jQuery 1.9.1, Web API

Service delivery System assists its customer to get to know the person, they are going to meet. The system is designed to place different activities of the person at one place in a PDF format. This one page web-based report summarizes all the relevant introductory data on a single individual. It covers both corporate and relevant personal information. It's the ideal first meeting preparation.

There are different roles in the system like Researcher, Reviewer and Admin. They will collect data about the order from different social media and create the order. A single order contains data from different areas like Social, Personal, Professional and Achievement and Awards and will go through several approval process before submitted to customer. Customer can place a single or a bulk order at once. Paypal integration is made for payment processing. Customers will be notified on different events like order placed, prepared, credit awarded etc. These orders will help the customer to know better their client before they are going to meet them.

DNN Website for Display Community

Display Community
Display Industry
DNN 7.1, Asp.Net 4.0, Sql Server 2008, HTML, CSS

This is a existing DNN website for a international display community, comprised of the top scientists, engineers, corporate researchers, and business people of the display industry.

The design of the web application needs to be updates to bring responsiveness. A custom skin from DNN store was suggested as per the new website design document and a dummy page with content of the home page of site using the new skin was delivered.

Two custom reports were to be generated, one would detail all settled credit card transactions and other only those settled credit card transactions that was performed on virtual terminal of Authorize.Net, that occurred within a specific span of time (restricted to 31 days). The data in the report has to compare the data present locally with that of data coming from Authorize .Net terminal and after few conditional checks, that would spit an excel format report out. A custom module was created for this purpose with two date input fields with buttons, one to generate the former report and the second to generate the later report.

We have worked on fixing issues appearing on the site at various places.

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