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  • EMI calculator on BlackBerry
  • Online Restaurant Finder Application
  • BlackBerry Timesheet Application (Single and Multiple Users)
  • BlackBerry Mobile Drugs and Therapeutics Application

EMI calculator on BlackBerry

Real Estate & Loans
Java, Blackberry SDK

This is an investment adviser tool used by people who want to invest in multi-family apartment properties. The EMI based on certain parameters is easy to calculate using this tool.

The EMI Calculator is a simple and easy to use application that acts like a standard scientific calculator. It provides the most comfortable approach to calculate the EMI against your loans and investments over a period. It is one of the most useful tools in the field of Banking, Real Estate Marketing, Insurance and many other related areas. The comfort of having an EMI calculator on-the-go is beneficial to customers, marketers and sellers.

Online Restaurant Finder Application

Mobile Commerce
JAVA ,RIM Blackberry SDK, JDE 4.1/4.7, Netbeans, Web service/XML

A restaurant finder tool, this is a mobile based application that provides lot of facilities to the user. Through this application the user can search for the Restaurant names according to their choices, view Restaurant Details etc. This mobile restaurant application is developed in J2ME 2.0 api which allows it to run on any device which is java enabled ranging from low end devices to high end devices.

Mobile - Restaurant application provides the following features to the user:
  • Selecting a particular city
  • Searching for a restaurant in that city
  • Browsing the restaurant's specific information
  • Viewing and selecting items from the menu
  • Placing menu orders
  • Provide payment options
  • Provide options to give feedback on social networking sites (e.g. twitter)

BlackBerry Timesheet Application (Single and Multiple Users)

JAVA ,RIM Blackberry SDK,  Netbeans, Web service/XML

The Blackberry Time-sheet application helps the users as well as the personnel administrator keep track of the employees' daily schedules and report accordingly. This useful mobile application helps employees/administrator to enter their schedule details from remote places and helps in better employee accountability.

Apart from this, Billing rates and its invoices also can be adjusted in our BlackBerry Timesheet Application to apply project charges to each employee's effort. The employee can easily enter the number of hours their assigned work will require to complete. The progress of on-going project may also recorded with the details of time spent on every recorded work activity, time estimates can be compared with actual effort to identify potential problem areas or project bottlenecks.  Our application will help you to improve the accuracy of your project schedules and estimates.

Our Timesheet Application can show a daily snapshot of a project's state and it is helpful to identify the effort expended on any tracked work process or head off scheduling difficulties before it becomes an issue. By providing your managers with accurate daily effort reports, project delays can be quickly identified and resolved, with staff effort directed to where it is needed most at the time.

An individual may request for limited access to their own data to review past estimates, project progress or recorded vacation time as he would like.


BlackBerry Mobile Drugs and Therapeutics Application

Blackberry SDK using java, Eclipse for Blackberry version 1.3.0

This project aims to provide medical online content through a mobile app. It also provides accurate drug information, including drug effectiveness, adverse effects and drug interactions. Web-services are used for retrieving the project-content from server. For Offline-caching and for saving information, username-password user settings are used.

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