Mindfire has deep experience developing C/C++/Objective-C desktop Mac OS X applications. We describe some of these Mac OS X project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.

  • Document Registration Software
  • Automator actions for Image format conversion Tool
  • SWF Wrap
  • A set of 3D card game for Mac
  • Media  Listings Software
  • Medical Imaging Display OEM
  • Mac App

Document Registration Software

A Software provider for protection of Intellectual Property
PowerPlant, HTML rendering Lib, MacOS Crypto API, HTTPS

This was the Mac client for an online document and file registration service to prove copyright worldwide with registration servers on different continents.
The application uses Mac OS X Cryptographic APIs to encrypt the file containing data that has to be registered, and then sends it over https to the server for registration.

Automator actions for Image format conversion Tool

Renowned Imaging Software provider
AppleScript, Mac OS X, Automator, Photo CD.

A set of automator actions that simplified specific operations that were other wise a tedious task for the tools' users. It demonstrates how Apple's newly introduced automator can be handy for doing tricky work. We have also ported the Kodak PCD SDK to Intel Mac for the same client.

SWF Wrap

A CBT software provider
C++, Mac Carbon API, Quicktime SDK

A Mac Application that embedded a QuickTime control for playing flash (.swf) files in a controlled environment where the Control-Click context menu of the flash is not available to the user and operations like play/stop/pause and track positioning were controlled by the application it self. Control-Click was used to display application specific menu instead.

A set of 3D card game for Mac

Game Development Company
Mac/PC Gaming
Mac OSX, Cocoa, OpenGL

It offers variety of games to the players. All the UI and Graphics is displayed in an OpenGL window with rich looking textures. The player is also kept engaged with timed animations and sound at various game events.

Media  Listings Software

Leading Planning, Process and Workflow management Software Company
Publishing Software Development
Cocoa, ASP.NET, Oracle 10.2x, C#, C++, Obj-C/C++, gSOAP, Mac OS X, Windows Server

This is a planning and scheduling media software system for TV, Radio and other channels, meant for a team of people collaborating together – planners, schedulers, and reviewers. A few primary features include scheduling and querying existing data, program or event detailing, and schedule versioning. The application views (GUI) are permissions and preferences based, and manage multiple broadcasters, channels, programs, events, group, or special events. There is a web based administrator application to configure and manage the system and its characteristics. The application includes application and script interfaces (APIs) to import or export schedules - data from existing systems can be easily imported using the Import application, with little manual intervention. Server side is essentially an application server based on XML web services, with Oracle DBMS at the backend. There are multiple different interfaces included for each main component - Import, Business Logic, Export, Admin, Server notifications. Client side consists of multiple different applications – an import application, Cocoa-based end-user interface application, a scripting tool, and an admin application, with plans to implement for advertisements, images, and Active Directory integration.

Medical Imaging Display OEM

Medical Imaging
Medical Imaging
Mac OSX, Objective-C, CFPlugin, Cocoa Distant Objects, CGDirectDisplay, ColorSync, Core Image, IOGraphicsLib, IOPMLib, IOI2CInterface, Launchd Daemons and Agents, Apple System Logger, Mach Port, Distributed Notifications, AppleScript and OS Script

The software adds essential functionality to medical imaging display systems in diagnostic and referral settings. Using the suite of value-added services, one can calibrate and maintain displays, run acceptance tests, and monitor displays settings. While the services operate as independent plug-ins, each use the Reporting service for listing properties, logging events, and saving history. Porting from Windows to Mac covered the following features:

1. Plug-in architecture where each services install as a plug-in to the application.

2. Abstraction layer to allow support for multiple display adaptor types and panels.

3. Support for NVIDIA display adaptor.

4. Choice to load DICOM or native response on a per panel basis.

5. Manual DICOM conformance check with selectable number of points.

6. Display and print conformance check result graphically with linear or log-linear modes.

7. Display and save conformance check result to file.

8. Support setting tolerance for auto-checking of conformance.

9. Periodic auto-checking of conformance with logging and warning capabilities.

10. Application Finder bar Icons to distinguish between normal, warning and error conditions.

11. Non-privilege and password protected privilege modes

Mac App

Mac OS X, Objective C, Cocoa, Scripting

The application "Finally" works with iTunes. This will allow users to set up their system to auto-play or auto-pause the last playing track in iTunes whenever iTunes is launched. Their is also an option to auto-play the last playing track when system wakes from sleep. Also user may select the preferences of tracks that will be handled by Finally which includes Radio, Movies, Music, TV-Shows, Podcasts and iTunes-U.

Worked with Scripting Bridge Framework, SBApplication to handle any Mac app, Security Framework to validate App store receipt and Chimp Kit API to programmatically subscribe an email address to a newsletter. Worked with Scripting Bridge Framework, SBApplication to handle any Mac app, Security Framework to validate App store receipt and Chimp Kit API to programmatically subscribe an email address to a newsletter.

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