Mindfire has deep experience developing Microsoft Windows-based desktop applications. We describe some of these Windows desktop-application project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.

  • Ticketing Information System
  • Product Locator
  • Police Patrolling software
  • Home Inspection Software
  • GoogleBase Data Upload
  • Invoice File Processor
  • POS Addin
  • Player - Tournament Management System
  • Data Remediation
  • 3KeyIt - Win32 (1)
  • ActiveX
  • Waste Water Treatment Application
  • Web Part Designer Book
  • VB.Net Windows Application

Ticketing Information System

Software Application Development Company
Construction Industry
VS 2005 ( & SQL Server 2000 & Crystal Report.

This software system  is a business solution for companies which operate in the construction industry. It manages Bids, Tickets, Invoices, Receipts and Customers information. The system allows user to enter quick sales information into the system. From the set of information entered the system generates a number of useful reports with various data. Reports can be exported to Excel or PDF format. Mindfire was involved in bug fixing, maintenance and addition of additional features to the system.

Product Locator

Software Development Company
Product Marketing
VB 6.0 & MS Access

This project involved the development of a windows desktop application that would allow users to locate various products and their information's based on the different search criteria's. The WISE installer software was used to build the installation CD of this product that could be used to distribute the Final product.

Police Patrolling software


VB 6.0, Crystal Report 8.5, Embedded Crystal Report Designer 8.5, MS ACCESS

Police Patrolling software with dynamic record keeping system designed exclusively for law enforcement operations. The system empowers police departments to easily track medical expenses, equipment cost, and maintenance and upkeep expenses throughout the year and provides them with reports ready for submission at budget time. The application provides a unique feature of dynamic report generation where user can create his own custom reports.

Home Inspection Software


VB 6.0, VS 2005 (with C#) Segate Crystal Report 8.5, MS Access 2000, Wise Installer For Windows, Active Sync, SQL CE

This is one of the finest home inspector software in the market helping the inspector produce effective and thorough reports for customers. It has features that minimize the time spent by inspectors in gathering facts, writing reports and emailing them to the customers in pdf and word formats.

It is used to record findings of each section of a property with photos as evidence during the inspection. These findings are transformed into reports and invoice bill is generated for the inspection.

HIS PDA is used in connection with HIS Desktop when the inspections are recorded on PDA. The inspection to be done is created on desktop side HIS and the relevant inspections are synced to PDA. The findings for Inspection are recorded to PDA with images as evidence and it is synced to a Desktop application for Reports and invoice billing.

We also made this application Vista 64 bit compatible.

GoogleBase Data Upload

Service provider for auto dealers
Automotive Industry
C#.Net, SQL Server 2005, * The Google Base data API C# Client Library (An object oriented abstraction for accessing the Google Base data API.)

Google Base is a place where one can submit their website's content for Google to host and to make their product searchable online. One can describe and post any item with descriptive attributes and specific information about their prouduct. The more attributes are associated with the items, the more different ways users can find them. These applications can upload new data, update or delete existing items, and execute specialized queries to find matches for complex attribute criteria. With the Google Base data API, one can create specialized applications that handle such actions(upload, update or delete) programmatically.

Mindfire was engaged is designing and developing the application for the client that is used to interact with Google Base and upload data to be searchable on google. The application runs through a scheduler and picks up data from the SQL Server 2005 and interacts with the google base API to insert / update and delete the data.

Invoice File Processor

Oil Supplier Company
Oil & Refinery
VB.Net, SQL Server 2005

The requirement was to develop a Windows Service application to monitor a folder for specific  files, parse them and import the data into database with sending alert e-mails.

The application monitors a folder at a specified location and processed the file as soon as it found any based on the file type. There are two types of file generated and placed in the monitor folder. As soon as a new file is found in the monitor folder, the windows service opens the file and checks for it's type. Based on the type of the file a specific method is invoked. It adds all the files to the collection for processing. It then picks each file and parses the file to pull the raw data into another Collection for validation checking. When the parsed action is over it will collect the data from the collection and push it into the database.

Alert E-Mails are fired if there is any validation failure or any processing error that occurs during processing of data. After the data  import action is finishs successfully, the service fires the alert email to a specific user, informing them to view the invoices through their login on the companies website. For making data on the website more secure some of the data elements have been encrypted before importing into database.

POS Addin

Software Service Provider
Retail Management
VB.Net, SQL Server2005, Microsoft Retail Management System (MS RMS 2.0) & Crystal Report 9.0

The primary aim of the project is to serve as an Add-in to the MS RMS 2.0. This addin was responsible for handling the Transactions at the Point
of Sale counters (POS).
The addin generated customized reports based on the daily sales. The addin was launched from a button in POS systems. It caputured all the data during the
transactions at POS counters and generated reports like Item Status report, Profit Margin report. It also generated Gift Certificates. Reports were generated on the basis of the transaction number selected. The addin was also reponsible updating calculated data to the MS RMS Database.

Player - Tournament Management System

Software Service - Product provider for Golf Clubs
Sports & Leisure
VB.Net 2.0, Access, SQL Server 2000, HTML, JavaScript

The requirement was to port the existing web application that displays the Golf Starting tees/times, scores in progress, scores results on TV, plasma screens and Projection Systems into a desktop windows application.

All the existing functionalities of the web application were analyzed and were ported onto the desktop version. The web browser control was used to have the HTML pages populated during runtime. Even the HTML pages were generated at runtime based on the settings that were saved.

Player & Tournament related information were displayed in columnar format, with options to include ticker messages, background graphics, two graphics panel and descriptor fields. User can choose from three display types that is available. The graphic components enable any graphic advertisement, course or company logos, photos or any other type of graphic image(s) to be displayed.

All background images placed in a designated folder is displayed as per user-defined timer settings which determines how long each is displayed before changing to the next.

It was almost like a small CMS system that allows the end user to edit settings for various display modes. Exclusive java script programming was also done to achieve some functionalities that were there in the web version.

Data Remediation

Leading Insurance Company in UK
VS.NET 3.5, VB.NET 2008, SQL Server 2005

Data remediation is a windows application to input data related to various forms for investment and pension schemes of Aviva. This application is mainly used by the back office people to input data from the scanned forms. Various Features:

• Tabbed forms for various investment and pension products of Aviva.

• Ability to show tabs related to various events for different products.

• The look and feel of the application closely resembles the actual scanned forms.

• Data validation alerts as per requirement.

• Ease of use to input data.

• Ability to generate reports on various criteria.

3KeyIt - Win32 (1)

Productivity Tools, Windows
Win32, MFC, Win32 System Hooks, VS 2008

It is a Rapid-Entry Keyboarding system. It is being implementing on Microsoft Windows Xp and Window Vista. The 3KeyIt system is keyboarding shorthand code/expansion system where a user will type a code that expands to a word, phrase, or template. Likewise it saves a great deal of time for user. There should be no restrictions on where the user can type codes to be expanded, other than it be in an area that accepts text. The application works anywhere in the system that allows an text entry. The application also has the properly to handle all characters supported in the UTF-16 character set.

The Application has been conceptualized in 2 parts, one that supports the 3KeyIt window and the other that supports the options list.
• The 3KeyIt window. It is the main window that is opened by right clicking the 3KeyIt icon in the tool bar. Its function is to modify user's preferences and dictionary management functions. The user can create, modify, and manage customized dictionaries. Preferences will include such items as color/font and various display options.
• The options list. The options list is active and displayed adjacent to the text entry area whenever a user entry is interpreted as a 3KeyIt code.


IT Support work
.Net and VB Script

In this project we have developed the following two applications:

Server Application

1. Log-Computer name, time, date and logged-in-user(copy info to ToolboxUser.xls)

2. Prompt for full person name that's creating account(copy info to ToolboxUser.xls)

3. Prompt for client Type "Enterprise or Pro" (copy info to ToolboxUser.xls)

4. Prompt for client name(copy info to ToolboxUser.xls)

5. Prompt for user name and password(copy info to ToolboxUser.xls)

6. Add user to group based on client type(copy info to ToolboxUser.xls)

7. Set Terminal Services Profile to C:\Users\%username%

8. Create user in AD and specific OU((Domain\MyBusiness\Users\ToolboxUsers)

9. Create folder on F:\Data\ based on Client type and name

10. Set permissions to have full control to his folder(Client Name)

11. Prompt if want to create a package to be emailed to end-user. (Modified Req.)

12. Prompt for location of files to be packaged(this will be the required files: MSI files,RDP,.Net framework, readme.pdf, batchfiles, script, etc)

13. Take all required files and create a self-extracting file that will automate end-user installation. (Modified Req.)


1. When application runs it does the followings:

i. Uncompress all files to C:\Toolbox

ii. Copy readme.pdf to desktop

2. Script does following:

a. Check OS version

b. Service Pack on computer

c. Detect RDP version and Install RDP client RDP client if not running 6.1

d. Detect .Net Framework version and install Framework if not running.Net Framework 3.0 SP1

e. Detect Installed Printers

f. Run MSI files (wait for files to finish)

g. Add Domain to trusted zone

h. Install Terminal Server ActiveX Component

i. Create report on all steps and create a zip files

3. Exit application

4. Display successful message or fail message and inform End-user to email file to client

5. Launch Readme.pdf(only if successful installations)

Waste Water Treatment Application

IT services
Waste Water Treatment
VB.NET 2008 / WPF, Infragisticc control, AJAX

Waste Water Treatment - It's an desktop application to insert/update and delete  the details for articles, tank cleaning, relations and waste. Its basically a data application with simple CRUD functionality for treating the waste water specially in Belgium.

Web Part Designer Book

.net Framework 3.5, Ajax, MySql Enterprise Server 5.2

This product is used to create good and easy layout of the documents as compared to creating a document in Adobe InDesign. User can create the layout of the documents in Adobe InDesign but for that user have to set all features like width,height,font size,font color etc from different menus of Adobe InDesign. Instead of doing that user can set all settings like width,height,font color,margin etc by a single dialog of DBShop which is created by a plugin. This plugin dialog is having all features of the Adobe InDesign in a single dialog and user can set and save all features (Font color,font size,Language etc. for a document ) by this dialog. So it is very easy to use the DBShop for create a layout of the document.

When user install that product then a menu Item (DesignerBookshop) will be added in Adobe InDesign. This Item having submenus which is created by plugin by which user can create the layout of the document and Deactivate the product.

When user will install that product then he/she needs a key to activate the product. Keys are generated from web admin. User can generate the serial key from Generate Serial Number Page and use to activate. User can view all detail of the customer by web admin and also can do manual operations like Register as Lost,Refunded,Deactivated to serial keys. User can delete the those serial keys which is generated manualy and in "M.Sold" status. User can update the all details of the customer. User can view total Information about the serial keys generation like Total No of lost serial key,Total No of  Refunded serial key,Total No of Deactivated serial key,Total No of Sold serial key,Total No of Activated serial key by Quick Info tab. User can search any detail of the customer by Name,Email,Serial key,Date Range etc. by Search and Home page. This project is totally depend on the Product. Like if user login in CS3 then he / she can see detail only about CS3. Similarly if login in CS4 then he can see all detail about CS4.

VB.Net Windows Application

IT Service Provider

The requirement was to develop a windows application that will take an XML file as the Input. The parser application will load the XML file, parse the data and then clean the unwanted data as per the specifications provided.

The output will again be an XML file with the cleaned up data in it.

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