Custom Application Development Services

Mindfire's primary offer is creative software development services on various platforms and technologies.

Known by many names - bespoke software development, custom programming, application development, contract programming, out-sourced development, off-shore programming - software development out-sourcing is an established trend and is growing further.

Mindfire's development services incorporate a wide range of technologies, and follow industry-standard software engineering practices. Our continuous focus on software fundamentals and computer science strengths has resulted in a delivery team that is tough to break.

Our focus is specific. We do only offshore small team creative software development.

  • Only off-shore - no on-site staffing.
  • Only small-team, no teams larger than 25 members.
  • Only software development - no random tasks for revenue.
  • Only creative work - no "oh anybody can do this" work.

We have built a hardcore team, we take only matching hardcore work.

We generally follow the Agile software development philosophy, honed over 17 years and thousands of engagements to distill and use "what works".

Our model is flexible. Development services are available as complete out-sourcing or as a split-team (co-development) model where our team works in parallel with your progress.

Our work discipline is specific. No compromises on quality of work, on engineering practices, on tools and methods.

Our culture is flexible. People work from home, calls are taken anywhere, there is no fixed timing, there are no rigid rules and policies. Flexibility breeds creativity.

Our intent is specific. Growth for our people, growth for our clients.

Our relationship is flexible. We work with Fortune 500 to Future 500, and our business/payment/relationship models flex to suit client muscles - growing muscles get flexi options :)

Our key difference is in breadth of software development skills and depth of expertise. We have among us the top ASP.NET programmers, and lean all the way to the best Python developers. From top PHP developers to expert ColdFusion developers, hardcore Java developers to the best RoR programmers, top Selenium and automated testing gurus to expert manual testers, jQuery and JavaScript gurus to top AngularJS and Backbone.js developers - we hire and grow the best.

Mindfire's development strengths have led to an enviable 80% repeat business record. Our code is of exceptionally high quality.

We welcome you to explore working with us.

Key Points

  • Unique remote development methodology
  • Very strong, reliable code
  • 6-month code guarantee
  • 80% repeat business
  • Engineer Education: Minimum 4-year computer science education
  • Engineer Experience: Minimum 2 years, combined > 600 man-years

White Papers

  • Windows: Temporary pointers in MFC
  • MacOS: Processes
  • MacOS: Memory
  • VoIP: A programmer's tutorial

Skill Set

  • Cross-platform programming skills
  • Multiple OS, tools, technology skills
  • Algorithmic/fundamental computer science strengths

Sample Projects

  • Financial forms processing
  • Intelligent information extraction
  • Web site for church donations processing

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Awards and Achievements

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