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Mindfire Solutions is a FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) partner. We provide expert FileMaker development services across multiple platforms – iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web. Our expertise in providing custom FileMaker development services is the result of 13 years of experience in developing FileMaker projects. Our certified FileMaker developers derive their expertise in FileMaker technology from their experience in project development for various industries, covering all possible FileMaker solutions/applications/tasks.
FBA Offshore FileMaker Services



We have been in business of custom software development for 17 years and we  are a specialist in Small-Team Software Development by following Agile Methods. We provide a wide range of FileMaker application development services, leveraging our years of expertise in Web application Development and Custom Database design. Mindfire Solutions provides a range of FileMaker development services which includes:

  • FileMaker development, consulting and programming/scripting services
  • FileMaker application maintenance and support services
  • FileMaker Porting and migration services
  • FileMaker plugin development services
  • Server administration services
  • FileMaker database design services
  • Data integration, data exchange
  • Developments in all latest Mac and Windows platforms
  • Developments for iPhone and iPad
  • Browser based solution using FileMaker WebDirect
  • Custom Web Publishing (CWP) solutions using PHP
  • Web application development using Filemaker Data API
  • Integrating External SQL Data Sources in FileMaker Pro via ODBC
  • Server side scripting and scheduling
  • Reporting, charting features development FileMaker database
  • FileMaker Pro migration services
  • Runtime Solutions
  • Third party FileMaker plug-ins and tools integration in FMP applications
  • FileMaker application QA and testing services

FileMaker is used in different ways, and Mindfire Solutions has experience in almost all. There are subtle differences in process and technique when developing for these different context areas.
  • As a platform for building cross-platform software products
  • Custom business systems
  • Departmental database in enterprises
  • Web applications (Internet/Intranet)



Mindfire has gathered truly strong expertise with different technologies in the course of delivering FileMaker projects. To view some of our Filemaker projects please visit FileMaker database development projects, or FileMaker web development projects.
Plug-ins and Tools

In the course of projects, our FileMaker engineers have used several plugins and tool such as:
  • 360works’s SuperContainer, ScriptMaster, Email plug-in, RemoteScripter, etc.,
  • Dacons Menu Control,, etc.,
  • Productive Computing’s eSign Signature Capture, FM Books Connector (QuickBooks automation), etc.,
  • SeedCode’s Zulu iCal Sync (FileMaker iCal integration), Calendar (& Resource Scheduling) FileMaker Add-ons, etc.,
  • Digital Fusion’s Fusion Reactor plug-in (Advanced user interface controls),
  • Softs 4 Humans‘s S4HU_EventScript,
  • Troi Automaterising’s plugins,
  • FM::Nexus plugins,
  • 24U Software plugins,
  • FusionCharts extensions etc.,
  • New Millennium Communications’s MetaDataMagic,
  • Goya’s BaseElements,
  • Scriptology’s FileMaker Theme Library,
  • SyncDek’s SyncDek solution,
  • SpeedTax sales tax SDK etc.
  • FileMaker to eCommerce API Integration
  • FileMaker Integration with Payment gateways: Authorize.Net, Cayan, Paypal, etc.
  • FileMaker Device Integrations: Bluetooth Printers, CreditCard terminals
  • FileMaker Quickbooks Integration using plugins
  • FileMaker Email integration (Mail Chimp)
  • FileMaker Integration with Slack, Glip, Dropbox, Ring Central call, DispatchTrack, RetailDeck, DimensionExpress, Avalara Tax Services, etc.
  • FileMaker EDI data parsing

FileMaker Migration Services


Our FileMaker developers have good experience in migrating older version FileMaker database solution (FM 5/6 files) to most latest version FileMaker Pro 15 database system.  We have also used MetaDataMagic for pre and post migration database analysis to resolve issues. In addition, we have provided the below services to our clients: 
If you are looking to migrate out of FileMaker, we also provide these custom migration services:
  • Migrate FileMaker to MySql
  • Migrate FileMaker to Sql Server
  • Migrate FileMaker to Oracle
  • Migrate FileMaker to Access
We have also provided custom migration solutions to our esteemed clients to gelp them in:
  • Migrate FileMaker Pro to MySql
  • Convert FileMaker Pro to SQL Server
  • Convert FileMaker Pro to Microsoft Access
  • Migaret FileMaker Pro to Access 2010

FileMaker and Other technologies


Our FileMaker programmers have used FileMaker with other databases in complementary situations. In some cases FileMaker is linked to External data sources (MySQL, Oracle or SQL Server) and serves as front-end GUI with system logic/processing. In other cases FileMaker has served as a back-end database accessible to .NET and Java applications over ODBC or JDBC.

Web Publishing


Our FileMaker Web experts have worked with WebDirect, Instant Web Publishing (IWP) and Custom Web Publishing (CWP)/XSLT Web Publishing using XML and the XSLT Site Assistant. Full-scale web applications can also be built with FileMaker databases, as described below.

FileMaker web application development


Our FileMaker-PHP Web application developers have wide experience in Web Application Development using PHP, FileMaker API for PHP, FileMaker Data API with Angular, JavaScript, HTML, AJAX, CSS, MySQL and various versions of FileMaker on Windows and Mac OS X. We have developed FileMaker-backed web sites utilizing RIA (Rich Internet Architecture) with AJAX.

FileMaker custom Plug-in Development

Our custom FileMaker plug-in development team has used technologies like C++, wxWidgets and FileMaker SDK for successful plugin development on both Windows and Mac OS X. We use FileMaker-recommended tools such as Visual Studio and xCode for FileMaker plugin development.


Mindfire Solutions has worked on and delivered various applications and systems. Here are some examples of systems we have developed on FileMaker.
  • Sales pipeline/forecast application.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Inventory Management system
  • Work Order Management system
  • Estimate & Pricing system
  • Project management system
  • Contact management system
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) system
  • Active Directory/Open Directory
  • Integration with 3rd party systems such as: Volusion, Xcart, Magento, Microsoft Dynamics AX/Axapta
  • Patient record management system
  • Web 2.0 Internet portal for advertising and media community
  • E-mail Campaign system
  • FileMaker solution supporting doula business
  • Electronic medical records (EMR) system
  • Event Management
  • Laboratory information management system (LIMS)
  • Business management system
  • Accounting and AR/AP systems
  • Shopping-cart/ eCommerce web application development
  • School administration and management systems
  • Point Of Sale system
  • Data Exchange between FileMaker and Quickbooks
  • Shipping and Logistics tracking solutions



Mindfire Solutions has worked on FileMaker projects across various Industries:
  • Small businesses
  • IT departments in medium and large organizations
  • Education Sector (K-12 and Higher Education)
  • Creative Professionals, Design and Advertising Agencies
  • Law Firms
  • Publishing Industry
  • Development for the Media and Entertainment
  • Development for the Healthcare Industry
  • Software development for the Textile
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Tourism
  • eCommerce application development (including shopping carts)
  • Real Estate Company
  • Beauty Salons
  • Furniture Companies
  • Electrical Contractor
  • Diamond and Gold businesses
  • Sports businesses
  • Construction businesses


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  • FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) partners
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  • FileMaker Certified Developers on staff
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  • Regular participation in FileMaker DevCon developers' conference
  • Platforms: FileMaker on Windows, Mac OS X, Cross-platform, Mobile
  • Versions: Experience from FileMaker 5 onwards, to FileMaker Pro 16, FileMake Pro 16 Advanced, FileMaker Go 16, FileMaker Server 16
  • Size: From quick FileMaker systems to complex multi-user systems with hundreds of files, tables and users
  • Best practices: FileMaker techniques like Data/interface separation, Anchor/buoy, relational modeling, etc.

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