Mindfire has deep experience developing Flex and AIR/Apollo hybrid desktop-web applications. We describe some of these Flex and AIR/Apollo development project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.

  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Photo Library and Management
  • Coupon Generation System
  • Learning Management System
  • Document Management System
  • Automated Website Status Verification Application
  • Flex Custom Card
  • Insurance Claim Tool
  • Quizzing System for CSR Division
  • Assets Management System
  • Online Collaboration Tool
  • Telemedicine Video Conferencing Widget
  • Multi-Touch Screen Application for Product Demonstration
  • Cross-platform Touch screen application for the real estate industry
  • Online Photo Framing Application

Customer Relationship Management System

Web Hosting and Web Development Software Company
IT Web Hosting and Web Development
Flex, ActionScript, Coldfusion, MySQL 5.0

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system enables to capture information about customer interactions and integrate it with every customer-related function. It helps to identify, describe valuable customer and stay close to, and retain the "good" customers. The system contains core modules for Login, Leads, Opportunities, Contacts and Accounts. The system provides functionality for adding, editing, deleting contacts, accounts and opportunities. The search module allows the user to search any contacts and opportunities.

The system has a Flex front end which follows tab navigation by the use of Flex Libraries. Each module in this application is of the "Master/View" design, with each design residing on different panels/tabs.

Photo Library and Management

Web Hosting and Web Development Software Company
IT, Web Hosting and Web Development
Flex, ActionScript, Coldfusion, MySQL 5.0

A Photo Library with display of photos in thumbnails along with a photo-upload-widget. The widget uploads files to the server sequentially while providing visual feedback on progress and has the ability to queue more photos for upload. With completion in upload, the photos are displayed in the Photo Library. It displays the photo metadata information with abilities for editing the information.

Coupon Generation System

Web Solutions and Software Company
Web Development
Flex 3.0, ActionScript 3.0

A web application with a purpose to create a dynamic coupon and generate it. There are various templates and images that a user can select for designing a coupon. A drag drop functionality for adding templates. The text in the coupon is dynamic. The user can use the text editor to modify and stylize the text as per their wish. The images in the coupon can be scaled, rotated, positioned as per the user wish using the custom image editor.

Learning Management System

Workforce Optimisation Solutions Software Company
Web Development Industry
Coldfusion 8.0, Flex 3.0, ActionScript 3.0, SQL Server 2005, Flex MicroArchitecture – Cairngorm 2.2.1, SCORM

An eLearning management system providing training and tests to users online. It has complete Flex UI. It has different levels of users. The Administrator/Manager can manage the whole system with different sets of options. Various privileges and job roles can be assigned to the users. The user can browse only those sections and functionalities assigned to them. They need to complete the training courses included in the job role assigned to them. There are 4 types of training modules that a member can take. The modules can be uploaded directly to the LMS. 2 types of modules are SCORM compliant. The LMS tracks all the training information for a user for a particular module. The system has the ability of generating user specific and module specific reports.

Document Management System

Flex 3.0, ActionScript 3.3,  PHP 5.2.6, SQLIte

The Document Management System(DMS) is an application that helps users to save Documents with various information attached to each document like; Notes, voice notes etc. The user can perform various operations on their document apart from just adding deleting or editing them. The application provides range of tools like Pointer, Toggle, Zoom, Pan etc to users to manage their documents.

Automated Website Status Verification Application


ColdFusion 8.x, Flex 3.0, SQL 2000, JavaScript, and CSS

This product/tool checks the current status of websites (whether it is up/down) at regular intervals and intimates the website administrator through various means. The application enables people to register themselves as users with their website address, email address and mobile number through the user section by normal registration process. The application checks all the websites at regular intervals and then sends alerts to the registered email address and mobile numbers if the sites is down. We have different grades of users for the system based on which the application decides the intervals of check and alert types and mode of alerts.

The tool has two sections which contains interface for normal users and the product administrators. The admin section is built with Flex and ColdFusion. The admin section allows admin to view revenue collection by month, sites running against sites down chart, free and paid users chart, latest URLs added, add/edit/delete user details, user transaction details, add/edit/delete SMS provider detail, membership type details and PayPal Transaction details. Overall the admin section acts as the control panel of the product.

Flex Custom Card

Media and Print house
Print Media
Flex, PHP

This is an Ecommerce application developed for a Print house company which gives an option for its clients/customers to select/upload/edit and customize the Cards online. There is an option to make an online order which goes to Print house and from there they take the print out of the ordered cards and supply it to their Clients/Customers.

Insurance Claim Tool

Independent Software Development Unit
Flex 4.0.0,  Adobe AIR 2.5, SQLite, PHP, MySQL, CreateInstall

A Desktop AIR Application, as an insurance claim tool for generating claim reports. The features includes:

- Automatic downloading of claim criteria database and flash help files from live server on application startup.

- Allowing the insurance representative to choose from different insurance claim indicators and types to reach at specific reason of claim.

- Generating a claim report as per user selection and generate printable copy of that.

- Feature for selective printing of all/ selected range of claims.

- Integrated SQLite database for queries.

- Playing video files (flv, swf) for tool usage help.

A Web version of the above application built on Flex 4.0, MySQL and PHP:

- PHP works as the data access layer providing web-services as data source to the flex application.

- Feature of selecting claim criteria, generating printable report and showing web help videos works same as above in the web environment.

Quizzing System for CSR Division

Largest Steel & Power Company
Steel and Power Industry
Flex, AIR, SQLite Dtatabase, Touch Screen application running on HP TouchSmart PC

This is a project for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Division of one of the largest Steel and Power Industry player in India.

This is a Touch Screen Quizzing system to run in regional language for its CSR activity, to be used in health awareness camps for educating girls of age range 12 to 18 years in remote parts of the country. The system is built to support local language, big fonts, images, running background voice over for each question and answers, highlighting correct answer with appropriate animation to make the user interface very intuitive, even ready to be used by illiterate village girls.

There is an admin section also to add villages (stations), participant names and details and set master properties like, how many questions to be asked to each individual participants. The reports section shows separate reports for number of participants appeared per village and overall knowledge level comparison among participants.

Mindfire Team was involved in complete product life cycle which includes doing feasibility study, finalizing technical specifications to meet the end user needs, hardware procurement (HP TouchSmart PC), development and coding, coordinating external voice artists for voice recording. Delivery process includes training the company's CSR team on the system working and training to IT Support staffs for system, database and code maintenance in long run.

The project was delivered within strict deadlines and was also well accepted by the CSR division and end users.

Assets Management System

Web Application Development Company
Information Technology
Flex SDK 3.5, Flex builder 3, ActionScript 3, LAMP, YII Framework, SVN

Designed and implemented an application with several modules that allows Inventory/Furnishing Management, Labor Types, Work Orders and Show Management. The user(administrator) has the capability of entering new furnishings that can be purchased/borrowed by the customers by creating orders for them. Similarly new labor can be added which can be hired by customers. The furnishings and labors thus ordered can be used in the shows. The user can add/edit details for the shows.

Each section has the functionality for adding a new asset type and editing existing asset types. The interface provides a listing of existing assets and a filter option, which provides means of viewing the list, based on the filter criteria selected. The user can take a print out of the list as well as which is displayed according to the filter criteria. The list can also be exported as a CSV file.

The Flex front end uses remoting and AMF to communicate with Yii backend.

Online Collaboration Tool

Photoshop and InDesign Plugins Development Company
Flex 3, ActionScript 3.0, FMS 3.0, CodeIgniter, PHP, sqlite 6, XML, RTMP, Apache, Linux, memcached, SVN

Designed and implemented a collaboration tool in Flex for the publishing industry that allows users to login, view and comment on designs submitted by a custom indesign plugin.

The Flex application provides features such as pan and zoom and provides real time updates to logged in users. The application also shows all active users and allows them to participate in chat and place notes/tacks on the design files/images. The notes can be textual or voice recordings. The idea is for users to be able to provide feedback on designs submitted by the indesign user in a collaborative manner.

Challenges we faced were with providing real time updates on all open instances of the application. The communication between the instances and the server was based on XML data exchange over HTTP and RTMP to provide real time updates. Code was also optimized to minimize load time of images after user login.

The services for Flex were implemented using PHP with the codeigniter framework. The backend we used was sqlite. A mobile version of the services were also implemented later for a similar iPhone app with limited features.

Telemedicine Video Conferencing Widget

EMR/PMS System Development
Flex 4.5, Actionscript 3.0, FMS 4, PHP, JavaScript, XML, MySql, SVN

Designed and Implemented a web based video conferencing widget to be used as an extension to a health care application. The web application implements a link that allows users to schedule a meeting in advance and send an email with the invitation link to the patient/group of attendees. The attendees can then click on the link and join the conference. The widget allows for recording the conference sessions and presents users with the ability to group chat as well as see each other and talk on an audio video interface. At the end of the conference session the users can download their copy of the text chat and recorded video. Among features we implemented standard controls for video/ audio including controls to mute/pause video stream and control the mic and speakers volume. We also implemented the option to ping users to get their attention which causes the widget on attendees machines to ring. In consideration of bandwidth we also implemented Peer 2 Peer connections on demand when recording of conference was not needed. Flash Media Server was used as the back end server and implemented meeting requests synchronization and authentication for user widgets.

Multi-Touch Screen Application for Product Demonstration

Computer Hardware Manufacturer
Computer Hardware
Adobe Air, Flex 4, Cairngorm, FlashBuilder 4.5, Flex SDK 4.5.1, XML

Designed and Implemented a multi-touch cross platform adobe air application. The application runs in full screen mode on large touch screens and allows users to browse through categories and view products details. Implemented QR code generation for products to store actual URL to allow users to buy the product online from their mobile devices. Implemented swipe and touch gestures which were not supported on standard windows 7 devices. The application also required fine tuning and optimizations which were detected late in development due to the image sizes for the products that we were fetched in real time. Implemented a standalone application that starts when the system reboots and runs every 24 hours to fetch product images based on latest XML input file. This application also optimizes the downloaded images which allows for the app to read data locally and speeds up load time.

Cross-platform Touch screen application for the real estate industry

IT solutions provider
Adobe Air, Flex 4, Drupal, AMF, Remoting, Cairngorm, Sqlite, FlashBuilder 4.5, Flex SDK 4.5.1

Designed and Implemented an adobe air application for touch screen devices including ipad, iphone and android platforms. The application allows real estate agencies and professionals  to display their properties in a slick rich user interface which supports touch gestures. The application allows the admin to configure the MLS listing url which is then submitted to a drupal system that extracts and feeds property data to the application. We used AMF/Remoting for speedy data exchange between the application and the server. Implemented an interactive gallery to display property details and images. Implemented swipe gesture for touch. Implemented and interfaced with google maps api to display property location on google map. Implemented email sending feature to allow a user to click and quickly send email with property details to friends.

Online Photo Framing Application

Software Testing Solutions and Services
Flex 3.0, Actionscript 3.0, LAMP, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, codeIgniter, twitter bootstrap, XML, ImageMagick, paypal, SVN

Designed and Implemented a photo framing flex widget with a CMS admin that allows for users to select a frame and view their preferred picture framed online. The application allows the user to either upload an image or select from a preset list of categorized images. After the image has been selected the user is then directed to a Flex widget which allows the user to select different frames and define upto 3 mats to then see their picture framed online. The widget also provides the ability to upload a room view or select from existing room views to then place the framed picture and see how it would look in their room. Once the user has selected the frame he likes he can then proceed to the checkout screen. We implemented the payment process and integrated with paypal for online payments. The user can also just order a custom frame by specifying the dimensions without selecting or viewing their picture in the frame. The admin login allows for managing the different frames and pictures and their costs. The admin also allows for viewing customers and their orders. One of the requirements we had was to minimize the number of images used for the frame and we accomplished this by limiting upload for a frame to the corner image and a slice of the side bar. Once we were done with the application flow and functionality, we had to work on optimizing the load time for the generation of the final framed picture. We used code profiling, browser traffic analyzer tools and caching techniques to re-engineer aspects of the implementation and finally were able to cut down the load time considerably.

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