Mindfire has deep experience developing Lasso web applications and Lasso-driven web sites. We describe some of these Lasso project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.

  • Content Management System
  • Integration of RETS
  • Acrobat Commenting
  • Project Management System
  • Enhancement to Media Asset Management System
  • Material Approval and Compliance

Content Management System

Software solutions provider

This is a web application that provides its users, flexibility to build their own web sites by creating an account for their site in the database. It has the option for setting language preferences as well.  We worked on several modules in the administration section, such as:

Library: The account holder can maintain all the files/objects that will be used in their sites, such as the pictures, photo galleries, video clippings, articles that are shown in the site. It provides functionalities to browse and edit the above items.

Internet: Features related to layout design of the site has been maintained in the Internet module. Other features such as setting the navigation links and objects and assigning CSS style sheets to the page layouts also driven through this module.

Contact: To maintain the contacts details of the members under a particular site and grouping the members along with their access privileges. Also it has the option to email an article using a template to several contacts/groups.

Integration of RETS

Software products and services
Real Estate
Lasso 8.1, MySQL

The application helps to retrieve real estate business information from an MLS server and update the local database. It has an interface to search RETS server with user specified table, date and MLNumber. Also it allows the user to select specific information (as a result to the search), which needs to be moved into the local database.

Acrobat Commenting

Software solutions provider
Lasso Professional 8.5.4, FileMaker 9.0, Acrobat Professional 6 or higher

This is an application developed in Lasso, which has the functionality of storing the PDF comments/annotations in an online web store using the web service. This requires Acrobat Professional to be installed at client end. Once the PDF annotations are stored in the online database, the application has another feature that runs a nightly lasso script to fetch the comment data stored in the database for the PDF files and export the comment data to FDF files generated out of the respected PDF files. It then merges the FDF data with the respective PDF and uploads the merged PDF to a remote FTP server.

Project Management System

Software Service Provider

Lasso 9, LassoApps, PostgreSQL, HTML, JQuery, CSS & JavaScript

This is a web site developed using LassoApps running on a Lasso 9 server and communicating to the PostgreSQL database at the back end. The lassoapp website is used by a company that helps their customers to release what is known and imagined among participants throughout their organization, creating maps of the future that reduce risk while enhancing adaptability and resilience.

The system allows four types of user access such as Administrator, Coordinator, Facilitator and User or Participants.

1. Administrator has the ability to add a new customer to the database and assign a coordinator for the customer. Admin can activate the new customer and can further configure the customer's permissions. Admin can manage (add, edit, reset password and delete) the users of the system. The system also provides the option to import the users data from external format files such as xls, csv, tab delimited files etc.

2. Coordinator are the persons who will coordinate the customer's project. Using this system coordinator can add/invite facilitators for the customers, who will then operate on those customers' project. The coordinator(s) can also view the last activity logs of the facilitators whom they have assigned to the customers.

3. Facilitator can log in to the website and create/modify the projects for the customers for whom they facilitate. The facilitator can schedule the future events for each project and can also add/invite participants to the project who can contribute their imagination on the future events. The facilitator can change the stage of the project and move to next steps to complete the project.

4. Participants can log in to the website and contribute their visions on the future events.

Enhancement to Media Asset Management System

Software Service Provider
Lasso 8.6, MYSQL

This is an online system developed for uploading, reviewing and approving the artwork by created by the design agencies. The artworks go through a number of review stages and get the approvals from each stage. The online website has a section which shows the details of all the products in a tabular structure. The table has lots of column which usually overflows out of the browser window, and a horizontal scroll bar is added to the browser window. If the table contains more rows, then a vertical scroll bar is added to the browser window. The client wants to get rid of the window scrolling. 

We have changed the design of the table with look and feel much like Google doc spread sheet with adding the horizontal and vertical scroll bars to the table. We have made the header row and first column of the table fixed. With horizontal scroll, the first column of the table remains fixed and with vertical scroll, the header row of the table remains fixed. We have locked the horizontal and vertical scroll bar of the browser window and made adjustment with the table, so that the table will be re-sized automatically with the resizing of the browser window.

Material Approval and Compliance

Software Service Providers
Lasso Professional 8.6, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MS SQL SERVER 2008 and Acrobat Professional 9

This is a website developed using Lasso 8.6 and communicating to the SQL Server 2008 database at the back end. It is used by a hospital that helps them to review materials and medicine created and release them on approval.

This system comprises of features such as:
Material Creation Modules
Routing Modules
Reviewers Creation
Materials Management
FTP File Uploader
Add Review Modules
Reviewer  Assignment Modules
Material Traffic Modules
Attestation Modules

There are 4 types of users:Admin,Traffickers,Reviewers and Sponsors.(having different privileges). Here one can create new materials and simultaneously admin can add Reviewers and Sponsors to review.There are 5 Routing process involved and one material has to go through all the process. An Admin can add more Additional Reviewers while Routing. After completion, reviewers assigned will be approved or dis approve a material. Attestation modules deals with a contract so that one cannot  use or disseminate any material from  before the release date of the material. We have file uploader functionality where one can add supporting pdf file that has been done using FTP.Only after approval from all the process the Product can be released.

The project also includes a job of conversion of .FDF files to PDF Comments. This application mainly works as a cron job at the Lasso Server. There has been a  separate folder which  consist of  FDF Files corresponding to a particular  PDF file present in that folder. We need to loop through all the files with the help of Event Scheduler and need to fetch the Annotation Objects from the FDF and convert them into human readable format and merge them with the PDF files present in the folder.

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