Offshore Small Team Software Development


We do offshore small team software development services. Only.

What does this mean? We will explain what we do by describing to you what we do NOT do, taking each of the four areas separately - off-shore, small-team, software development and services. 


We focus exclusively on the off-shore model. We do not supply bodies to our clients, in what is commonly referred to as "on-site consulting", "body-shopping" or "H1 visa". Members of the off-shore team may travel at times of project need, but we do not place people on-site at client locations permanently. Nor do we supply people on-site as contractors within India. It is good business, lot of people do it, and we wish them luck - but we do not and will not do it. All work is done at our organization, because that is the only way clients can benefit from our collaborative and organizational strengths.


We love big-bang high-efficiency teams of 1 to 6 people. Teams up to 25 people are also fine. But we do not run larger teams - based on empirical observation that software teams beyond this size are counter-productive. Larger projects have to be structured as independent teams with direct leadership interaction, and technical interaction by APIs. Each team's API is its contract and commitment to outside world. A team of 100 may be structured as 5 independent teams joined at the hip by APIs - then you retain the magic of small teams while delivering scale. We do this, but we don't do single teams of hundreds of people. 

Software development

We do software development only. That means we do programming, testing, maintenance, installer engineering, release engineering, porting and migration. But it also means we do not do SEO, digital marketing, technical support, production support, BPO, call-center, remote system administration, data entry, data processing, IT helpdesk services, engineering design and so on. Nor do we do business or end-user related items such as business analysis, end-user interviews, needs discovery, end-user training, product gap analysis, package implementation, business/tech consulting and so on. If you are looking purely for these services, please knock on another door. If you are looking for a one-stop off-shore provider that can do everything for you, we hope your tech needs are not intense or critical - in which case many of our competitors are a perfect match. 


We provide services only. We do not make products or systems of our own. All work we do is always for clients. We are clear in that we will not do anything that has potential conflict of interest with clients. Thus we are not in the products business. Nor do we sell code of one client to another (yes we receive offers, yes the world has crooks!), or disguise it as reusable code. We understand the integrity required to last long in the services business, and that is what we bring to the table.

So that's what we do - off-shore small-team software development services. If you have work that needs to be done in this, we will rock your world. If it is work outside this, we are a waste of your time.


(also read about the Agile methods we follow, the flexible culture we have or the professionalism of our people - things which build the best in off-shore small-team software development)



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