Mindfire has deep experience developing Quark Xtensions (plug-ins, extensions) on both Windows and Mac OS X. We describe some of these Quark Xtension development project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.

  • QuarkXpress Tools Suite (Universal Binary)
  • PDF electronic forms authoring in QuarkXPress
  • Attribute Editor for Quark6 and InDesign CS
  • Adobe InDesign and QuarkXpress Layout Converter or Exporter
  • QXP/ID Plugins
  • Automatic Production of Pages
  • QuarkXPress Dynamic Composer

QuarkXpress Tools Suite (Universal Binary)

A Leading Software Products Provider for Publishing/Imaging software
Imaging/Publishing Industry Business Domain
Mac OS X (Intel & PPC), QuarkXPress 7.x, Codewarrior 9.x, Xcode 2.x

This is a complete suite of Universal Binary tools for QuarkXPress 7.x, to simplify everyday tasks with over a dozen essential XTensions.  Some of the features/tools include: • View your fonts in their own typeface  • View and navigate multi-spread documents quickly • Drag and drop images and text documents directly from the Mac OSX Finder into XPress 7 documents  Most of these tools are new. There is also a set of tools migrated and enhanced from XPress 6.x to 7.x, involving:  • Migration from CodeWarrior to Xcode • Migration from PPC to Universal Binary

PDF electronic forms authoring in QuarkXPress

Leading Documents Security and Forms Automation Solutions Provider
Secure Documents/Forms Industry
QuarkXPress, Adobe PDF, PDFMark, PostScript Standards, Adobe Distiller, C++, XML, JavaScript, Codewarrior, VC++, CVS, Mac OS X, Windows XP

This is an AcroForms-like environment as it exists in Adobe Acrobat Professional within QuarkXPress 6.x on both Windows and MacOSX. This allows users to create PDF forms based on existing QuarkXPress documents. This includes a PDF form fields importer feature allowing a PDF's form fields to be imported onto QuarkXPress documents. Essentially, to allow a user to use existing PDF forms for creation of an electronic form via QuarkXPress documents.

Attribute Editor for Quark6 and InDesign CS

A Classified Advertising company
C/C++, Quark QDR, Adobe InDesign CS SDK, Adobe Dialog Manager

The software follows text and inline classified ads in columns, and there by applies several paragraph and character attributes to it. Provided tools can perform several actions on the ads, such as selection, cut, copy and paste of whole ads, reflow of ads with and without headers, kept slug info of the picture files. The software is available for Indesign and Quark on both Mac and Windows.

Adobe InDesign and QuarkXpress Layout Converter or Exporter

Leading Publishing Software Products Company
Publishing Software Development
C++, XML, HTTP, Windows, Mac OSX, InDesign CS2, CS3 SDK, QuarkXpress 6, 7 XDK

The objective of Adobe InDesign and QuarkXpress Layout Converter/Exporter is to convert or export the Layout Contents and Geometry into XML format. It is to export layout contents like Text Story and Images in the current document along with their respective styles as XML. The Plug-in or XTension also provides a palette to display the list of tagged text and an interface to Tag or unTag the selected text or page-item.

QXP/ID Plugins

Ad Production Software Systems Firm
Publishing Software
InDesign, QuarkXpress, XML, Mac, Windows

1. The objective of the project is to create a library and export QXP/ID document as EPS/PDF. The system comprises of an XML configuration file which consists of  items references to be added into library, preference for exporting the document as EPS/PDF, a target directory for saving the generated files etc.

2. Porting Plugins to support latest versions of QuarkXPress and InDesign for Windows and Mac.

Automatic Production of Pages

A Leading Company in Publishing Software
Publishing Software
QuarkXPress 8 Server,  Power Plant, Mac OS X

The XTension adds a custom request handler to QuarkXPress Server. Request to start the page production process on QuarkXPress Server is made through the HTTP request from a web browser. Upon receiving the request from a browser, the product allows a QuarkXPress document to be used as a template for page production with data taken from various sources including web based CMS systems. Using a control file, a series of pages can be generated on QuarkXPress server using the template and data. The data stream is a series of key/value pairs.

QuarkXPress Dynamic Composer

A Leading developer of WCM and Cross Media Publishing systems
Publishing Software
QuarkXPress 7 and 8 Desktop/Server, XML, HTTP, Windows, Mac OS X

The objective of the system is to publish the content from a Content Management System to Print pages. The Desktop/Server XTension converts QuarkXPress layouts into dynamic templates by creating XML tags for elements to make them variable. These elements can be exported in the form of an XML. The CMS application send instructions to QuarkXPress Desktop/Server in the form of an XML. The  Desktop/Server XTension, upon receiving the XML, will compose the data into respective tagged elements inside the document. The XTension is also used to generate previews of the tagged elements or entire document.

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