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Mindfire Solutions provides expert RealBasic (Real Studio) development services from India. Our team of experienced Real Studio developers will understand and tailor solutions to your unique and evolving business needs, leveraging our strong expertise built over years of successful experience of providing RealBasic solutions for varied customer needs across many industry domains.

Our RealBasic Development Team is vouched by our customers for our expertise, quality of work and commitment to customer business growth. Our rich RealBasic development experience, flexible business model, and fine-tuned processes can translate to high quality, faster time to market, and less cost -- i.e. happy customers and increased revenue -- for your business.

RealStudio CrossPlatform


Mindfire Solutions provides a range of RealBasic Services for your evolving business needs. We can help you do the following:
  • Develop native, cross-platform desktop software for Mac, Windows, and Linux using Real Studio for the Desktop.
  • Develop rich, Web 3.0 applications using Real Studio for the Web.
  • Migrate Visual Basic and other legacy apps to powerful, stand-alone, localizable, cross-platform apps.
  • Create powerful database applications with Real Studio's built-in Real SQL Database.
  • Develop Real Studio Plugins.
  • Create graphics for multimedia applications or games.
  • Support and maintain your RealBasic applications.
  • Independently verify and validate your RealBasic applications.


RealStudio Mindfire

We can help you leverage the following strengths of Real Studio with our expertise:

  • Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and the Web.Cross-Platform:
  • Rapid Application Development: Faster time to market.
  • Quality: Powerful, stand-alone, native, localizable applications.
  • Versatility: Utilities to enterprise-class applications.
  • Full-featured Applications: Graphics, Automation, Reporting, Extended Database Support, Internet & Networking features, Third-party Extensions, and much more!
  • Powerful Development Tools: Industrial-strength Framework, Language, Code Editor.
If you are thinking about Outsourcing RealBasic Development or you want to Hire Full-time Dedicated RealBasic Developers by having an extended RealBasic Development team with us, you are at the right place. Call us at +1 248-686-1424 or leave us a quick note (at or our Contact Uspage) for us to get in touch with you. Contact us now and you will hear from our RealBasic Development Services Team within one business day.

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StartQuotes"Mindfire has enabled us to reduce costs and increase productivity. The team we have provides fast and reliable development support. We are very happy with the level of service from Mindfire." - Ken Morency, IceFire Studios Corp.

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