Mindfire has deep experience developing complex RIA and AJAX applications, especially integrating AJAX technologies to modernize existing web sites and web applications. We describe some of these AJAX project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.

  • Web Content Management System
  • Online Medical Application
  • Online Insurance Application
  • Online Chat Application
  • Aviation Assitance Website
  • Online Employee Management System
  • eCommerce site for B2B customers
  • Mobile/Web Application for Lead Management
  • Dalim Dialog integration for a Digital Asset Management System

Web Content Management System

Web Content Management Software Company
CMS Industry
AJAX, Object Oriented JavaScript, Cross-browser implementation, CSS, DOM manipulation, XHTML, XML, XSLT, Adobe Spry, Prototype,

This is a Content management System, which basically provides services like
Creating websites, subsites under main sites and also managing the websites and contents of the websites, those are created already.

The application is a CMS product having almost all the common and advanced features of a Content Management System product. There are basically two modes to login to the application, Admin and User. Users have to purchase the license of the product and will get access to User mode. In User mode users can manage their contents by creating sites and subsites and modifying the
sites/subsites contents. In Admin mode, there is full control of the Users and user features can be manipulated in Admin mode.

The Ajax-enabling of the product is being carried out at a level deeper than applying cosmetic touch-ups,involving design changes, replacing clumsy legacy dialogs with faster and more intuitive user interaction, eliminating page-load overkill, using a diverse suite of Ajax patterns (dynamic popups, progress indicators, drag-and-drop, live search, etc), resulting in highly improved usability and customer satisfaction.

Online Medical Application

Health-care Software Company
ASP.NET, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, DOM manipulation, XHTML, XML

This is an Electronic Health Records solution to capture, manage, exchange and store patient information through automating the process. This feature-rich suite of software is available as a service which can schedule appointments, chart patient information, write prescriptions, bill patients, file claims, etc.

Data-heavy, time-consuming modules of this online medical application are Ajax'ed using on-demand data retrieval and transparent background database save and cleanup resulting in an application that is significantly lighter and faster. Using from-the-scratch Ajax, XML data is asynchronously sent to and retrieved from the server, parsed, and the DOM manipulated with dynamic clean-up, style changes, and creation of new elements enabling further, faster, and more intuitive user interaction.

Online Insurance Application

Insurance Software Company
Health Insurance and Employee Benefits
ASP, ASP.NET, AJAX.NET, JavaScript, CSS, DOM manipulation, XHTML, XML

This is a suite of integrated, enterprise-solution services including proposal generation, insurance marketing software, customer relationship management, and online customer service tools. This Internet software enables insurance professionals and organizations to increase productivity and reduce costs by directly connecting customers, general agencies, agents, brokers and employer groups to insurance rates, benefits and applications on-line, in real time.

Classic ASP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, CSS, and DOM manipulation is used for developing web-pages requiring extensive user interaction, data management and rendering. Ajax technologies are used to modernize the existing site using a suite of popular Ajax patterns (e.g. providing feedback using GUI widgets while waiting for a time-consuming server response thereby minimizing perceived delay).

Online Chat Application

Software Service Company

This is a web-based chat application, provides instant messaging facility. The application was integrated into an existing web site that provides details of new or pre owned vehicles by dealers registered on the website.

Any authorized and registered dealer member of this site can use this application to directly initiate a chat with its customers, and can convince them to buy their product online. The dealer login has the functionality to instantly know the number of site visitors browsing the site and looking into the details of their vehicle's listed on the site.

The chat application developed is very flexible. Only when the dealer staff needs to initiate a chat then only the Chat room box will be appear on the site visitor or end user screen.

There is no login requirement for site visitors or end users. Any anonymous user can have a chat with the dealer staff. This provide a complete on-line 
customer service and help dealers to get sale leads. There are no page refreshes and the AJAX approach makes it extremely simple to retrieve the latest messages from the web server in seconds. It provides an excellent AJAX experience.

Aviation Assitance Website

Aviation Industry
ASP.NET 3.5, SQL Server 2008, Reporting Services, AJAX Toolkit

This is an Aviation assistance website. The technology involved for creating frontend was ASP.NET 3.5 using c# to interface with SQL Server 2008 database.
The website involves a lot of reports like Details of Employee Shifts, Weekly Details of the employees that were made in Report Manager. The Site was completely Ajax Enabled.

Online Employee Management System

Software Services Provider
Information Technology
Angular JS, Bootstrap,PHP, Laravel, MySql

This is an online employee management & payroll management system. Both the employees and the employers can register to the system.

The employer can search for a potential employee having specific skill-set and can request for a booking. The employee can see all the booking requests and also can confirm a booking request. When the booking starts, time-sheets are auto-generated on a weekly basis which can then be edited and confirmed by the employer. The time sheets are submitted to generate the payroll.

Also the employer can add employees that are favorites, extend a booking, cancel a booking and can also rate a booking.

There is an Admin view as well which helps to manage Employers, Employees, PayCodes and Skill Lists, and can also export payrolls.

eCommerce site for B2B customers

Software Product Provider
Wholesale Distribution
Wicket, JEE, BIRT, JavaScript, CSS, MYSQL

Developed a business-to-business (B2B) application,  which consists of an online shopping site for registered enterprise users. The users are associated with the customers and they can shop items from specific vendors that the customers have chosen.

The customer administrator can choose vendors from the registered vendor list and they can enroll new users. The site administrator is responsible for registering new vendors and customers.

The application has three different sites with specific usage for the same data. These sites sync with each other through SSL communication. It also provides SSO(Single Sign ON) facility so that a user can navigate from one site to another for a specific purpose.

This application uses Wicket framework for the presentation. The SQL queries are handled by JDBC connection pooling. BIRT is used for monthly and annual sales reports.

Mobile/Web Application for Lead Management

Internet Marketing Agency
Sales and Marketing
Backbone.JS , Javascript, Jquery-mobile,  Spring REST for webservice part

Developed an application that helps to manage leads, which are captured by another tracking tool. It has the following features:

- Application login
- Dashboard showing # leads for last 1 and 7 days, marketing summary
- List of Leads with lead's detailed view
- Option change status of the lead
- Option to add/update/delete/search lead's record

Dalim Dialog integration for a Digital Asset Management System

Media Production Agency
HTML5, JavaScript, AJAX, Dalim Dialogue Engine SDK, JSP, Ghostscript, Apache Tomcat

Integrated Dalim Software's Dialogue Engine SDK with an existing Digital Asset Management System which allowed for soft proofing capabilities for documents stored on a NFS mounted location. Implemented ability to launch a custom page, hosted on a different server, from the existing system. The existing DAM passes a document name or directory to this page and the page then parses the NFS mount to get the document path and uses the Dialogue SDK to open the related file(s) in the Dialogue HTML5 viewer.

Implemented custom Javascript code to make cross domain ajax calls to update the existing systems database via a RESTful API call. Configured the server to allow for crossdomain ajax requests to be made from the custom page. Implemented the ability to print pages loaded in the HTML5 viewer by taking screenshots of the page using Javascript and also generating annotated PDFs and merging them using GhostScript via system calls.

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