SharePoint 2013: An Overview

SharePoint 2013 introduces new ways to work together in today’s cloud, social, mobile business environment. With SharePoint 2013, you can share, build, organize, manage, and discover better.

Top SharePoint 2013 Benefits

SharePoint 2013 Benefits

SharePoint 2013
Application Types

Applications can be developed for the SharePoint 2013 platform in different ways, for example, as:
  • Apps for SharePoint
  • SharePoint Publishing Sites
  • SharePoint Farm Solutions
  • Mobile Apps for SharePoint
  • Reusable Components for SharePoint
The choice of the type of application is determined by your specific business needs, e.g. device support, marketing methods, packaging & deployment preference, etc.

SharePoint 2013

Adding these capabilities to your application (of any type mentioned alongside) helps users do things better and faster:
  • Workflows
  • Social & Collaboration Features
  • Location & Mapping Features
  • Search
  • Business Connectivity Services
  • Office 2013 & SharePoint 2013 Application Services
  • Authentication, Authorization & Security
  • eDiscovery

SharePoint 2013 Development: What's New?

Cloud App Model &
Apps for SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013’s new Cloud App Model enables you to create apps for SharePoint. SharePoint apps are self-contained pieces of functionality that help you extend the capabilities of your (online or on-premises) SharePoint website – simply and cleanly. Users can easily discover and install apps from the public SharePoint Store or their private organization App Catalog. While you may still use farm solutions for administrators, you would want to create apps whenever you can for solving diverse end-user needs.

Programming Model &
Dev Tools

SharePoint 2013’s programming model encompasses familiar cross-platform standards and protocols like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, REST, OData, and OAuth. The existing development tools – Visual Studio and SharePoint Designer – have undergone significant improvements including full support for development against the Cloud App Model. In addition, it releases a new web-based tool for developing apps named "Napa" Office 365 Development Tools.

Platform Enhancements

The core platform has been enhanced to support SharePoint 2013’s new cloud-based architecture and app-driven development framework. Some of the notable improvements include REST endpoints for web services, new client & server APIs, client-side rendering, and remote even receivers – all geared towards providing a rich application development experience.

Mobile Apps

SharePoint 2013 lets you combine Windows Phone apps with (on-premises or cloud) SharePoint services and applications to create powerful solutions that extend the traditional desktop/laptop-bound functionality into a truly mobile experience. SharePoint 2013’s new mobility features include Visual Studio app templates, push notifications, locations and maps.

And Many More

Some other notable new features and functionality in SharePoint 2013 are the following:
  • Social & collaboration (Interactive feed, Community site, Follow people, Follow sites)
  • Workflows (Cloud execution, Workflow 4.0-based infrastructure, Declarative authoring, Designer & project templates)
  • Enterprise Content Management (Design manager, Managed navigation, Cross-site publishing, EDiscovery)
  • Business Connectivity Services (OData connector, External data in apps, External events in SharePoint)
  • Application services (Translation services, PowerPoint automation services, Enhanced Access & Excel services
  • Search (Consolidated search platform, Rich results framework, KQL enhancements)

The above is a brief summary highlighting new SharePoint 2013 features and possibilities and is by no means comprehensive. If you are planning a SharePoint 2013 migration, a whole new world of possibilities awaits you. Mindfire, a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, has invested in building SharePoint 2013 expertise since its emergence. (Read about our SPC 2012 experience.) Our 7+ strong years of successful global experience of providing SharePoint Development Services can help accelerate your SharePoint 2013 migration / customization / integration when you need one. To discuss about our services, expertise and how we can help you, please contact us or call 1-248-686-1424.

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