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  • Electronic Health Records System (EHR/EMR)
  • Data Remediation Software
  • Vehicle/Equipment Tracking System

Electronic Health Records System (EHR/EMR)

A Major Healthcare Provider
ASP.NET 1.1 with Visual Studio 2003, SQL Server 2005 and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 2005/2008

A comprehensive integrated HealthCare Management System certified by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology 2008 and partnering Surescripts/eRxHub for e-prescribing.

The system includes a comprehensive Charting application integrated with a Scheduling and Billing system. We did the complete database design for the application.Database Monitoring and Tuning are performed by us on a day to day basis. We have devised Maintenance Plans/Jobs to ensure optimal performance and good end user experience.

Performance tools like SQL profiler/Performance Dashboard have been used to track poorly performing inline queries, stored procedures and UDFs and subsequently optimized/tuned  by analyzing query plans and reviewing indices.

Trace Analysis, CPU Utilization, Index Utilization Reports etc are generated frequently to track bottlenecks and subsequently fix them. 
DTS/SSIS Packages have been developed to import/export data from different data sources to and from the  SQL Server Database.

Successful upgradation of SQL Server to the latest edition by taking safeguards and installation of the latest patches as and when available.

Data Remediation Software

BPO Service provider
.NET 3.5 , VB 2008 with SQL Server 2005

Data Remediation is a windows application used for keying in data of existing investors who have bought various investment and pension products offered by a leading Fortune 500 company.

The application reads the active directory to login and decide the forms to be displayed based on the role of the logged in user. 
The application has forms which are exact copies of the scanned filled up forms for various products from which the data entry user keys in data into the application.

The software has the capability to compare data entered by two data entry users, flag down and display the discrepancies

A detailed data model adhering to a solid naming standard was created by comprehensive requirement analysis.

Microsoft Visio was used to create Entity Relationship Diagrams (overview of classifications of  used terms  and their relationships)

Database Documents following corporate standards containing definitions of tables, columns, relationships, and even default and check constraints were made, so that it is clear to everyone how they are intended to be used. In many cases, sample values were included, where the need arose for the objects.

Custom SQL Scripts were used for the creation/configuration of databases , creation of objects within the databases and implementing a security model.

Scheduled jobs for Batch Comparison of data were created to run at specified times.

Vehicle/Equipment Tracking System

ASP.NET 2.0 with Visual Studio 2005, Java NetBeans 5.5 and SQL Server 2005

A reliable and advanced security alarm system which is designed specifically for the construction and equipment market. It is used to locate construction equipment in real time mode anywhere in the USA, Mexico and Canada.

The  System is a satellite-based tracking device using Global Positioning System (GPS) and embedded cellular technology. It uses the signals produced by satellites to determine precise latitude and longitude coordinates, along with direction and speed of travel.

A highly effective Disaster Recovery Plan has been devised.

Database Monitoring and Tuning are an integral part of the System.

Many Maintenance Plans/Jobs have been devised for the database to ensure optimal performance and good end user experience. The system status is checked and log files are monitored on a daily basis to track problems and fix them quickly.

A daily DB Maintenance Report is sent to the client containing details about the system status.

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