Mindfire has deep experience developing C#.NET-based desktop/server applications. We describe some of these C#.NET project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.

  • Sweep And Pool System
  • Shopping Kart
  • Automotive Business Application
  • Email Management System
  • FM-MYSQL Data Migration Wizard
  • CMS driven company website
  • Web based E-ERP business solution
  • Roster Application
  • Health Information Site
  • Omni-Visual Basic Net
  • Carriers, Plan and Search
  • Employee Progress and Growth Management
  • E-Commerce website
  • Apartment, Property and Hotel Booking
  • Great Plains eConnect Program
  • Web Application
  • .NET Integration
  • Incident Mangement .NET Development
  • SOAP web service
  • Security System Development
  • Restfull API with WinForms and DDAY.ical.dll
  • C#.Net Project
  • Tracker Development
  • eBusiness Website
  • VSTO Development
  • Travel monitoring program software
  • HIT - MU - CCDA Parsing
  • Immunization Registry
  • Store Locator
  • Member Search
  • Outlook Plugin
  • Dashboard Application for Caseware users
  • Humanitarian response activity tracker
  • Kiosk application for electronic transactions

Sweep And Pool System

Sweep And Pool System
C# .NET 2.0, SQL Server., MSDE

Our banking client has a customer that is one of the largest business groups in India and operates through many companies. It has diversified businesses.

Customer's Central Treasury, wants to manage the borrowing and lending of their group companies effectively by utilizing the idle cash lying in other group companies rather than going to financial institution like bank. The overall objective is to save on Interest Costs at one end and provide interest income for credit balance to the group companies.

Client has addressed the requirement for creating Sweeping and Pooling structure for one of there customer.

It has two main requirements from this system –
I. Sweeping of End of day Balances from participating accounts to the Pool owner account
II. Generating Inter Company MIS

Customer has defined 5 Tier Account Structure for Sweeping and Pooling. The Group companies participate in this pooling structure. This 5 Tier account Structure may vary in future hence it needs to be dynamic.

Tier 1 Account is the Pool Header Account (PH).

Tier 2 and Tier 3 Accounts will have Sub Header Accounts (SH).

Tier 4 Accounts would be the Business Accounts operated by group companies of Customer.

Tier 5 accounts are the Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA). The end of day of balance in these accounts would be swept automatically into the Tier 4 Business Accounts or to another ZBA account.

Customer would define the relationship between these Tier accounts. There will be multiple pools and one of the accounts would be Pool Owner account and rest of the accounts would participate in the pooling.

Sweeping and Pooling between the Pool Owner account and the participating account could happen either based on Limit Check (LC) or simple end of day balance transfer on daily basis. This again would be defined by Customer for which account, system should do the Limit Check and then sweep the balances.

Most of these accounts, which are participating in Sweeping and Pooling structure, will have a Pool Borrowing Limit (PBL) and Pool Lending Limit (PLL). Pool Borrowing Limit, is till how much amount an account can borrow from the pool owner account. Similarly, Pool Lending Limit is till how much amount an account can lend to the pool owner account. Limit Check would mean checking the PBL and PLL and then sweeping the balances into Pool owner account. The sweeping entries should be, transferring the balance fund into the pool owner account at the end of the day and transferring the swept balance back into the participating account from the pool owner account next day morning.

Shopping Kart

e-Business Solution company
e-Business Solutions
C#,ASP .net 2.0, MS SQL Server 2005,

Website for customizing and accepting order for printing press products (business cards,labels, stamps, tickets etc.). The and javascript based order designer allows user to design and preview the product. The shopping cart section allows user to place the order quantity, calculates the amount details and accepts user's contact information. Finally order details parsed as a xml file stream and passed to the back end order processing services.

Automotive Business Application

Automotive software company
Automotive  industry
Net 2.0, C#, AJAX, MS SQL Server 2005

The application has broadly two sections. One for general public to see history of the company and different product/services offered by the company and the other is admin section. In the admin section distributors can upload their manuals and bulletins for view and download by customers.

Email Management System

Construction Company
Commercial Construction Industry
Visual Studio .Net 2005, C#.NET, Exchange Server 2003/2007, Developer Express 7.2 , ActiveUp 2.2.1215, and MySQL 5.0

The requirement was to develop a windows application that would replicate the Microsoft Office Out Look with minimal functionality that would enable the end user to manage his / her emails. The application was finally integrated in to the existing Construction Management software.

Using this application the user can access their mail Boxes resided on ExchageServer. User can do all mail related stuffs like Compose, Send, Forward, Reply, and Reply All using this application. User can also send all types of file attachments.

This application uses ActiveUp Mail System component to implement all the functionalities. This application based on IMAP4 (Internet Message Access Protocol) for receiving emails and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) for sending emails.

IMAP4 is an application layer Internet protocol operating on port 143 that allows a local client to access e-mail on a remote server. The current version, IMAP version 4 revision 1 (IMAP4rev1), is defined by RFC 3501. IMAP4 and POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3) are the two most prevalent Internet standard protocols for e-mail retrieval. Virtually all modern e-mail clients and servers support both. IMAP4, clients often stay connected as long as the user interface is active and download message content on demand. For users with many or large messages, this IMAP4 usage pattern can result in faster response times.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the de facto standard for e-mail transmissions across the Internet. Formally SMTP is defined in RFC 821 (STD 10) as amended by RFC 1123 (STD 3). SMTP is a relatively simple, text-based protocol, in which one or more recipients of a message are specified along with the message text and possibly other encoded objects. The message is then transferred to a remote server using a procedure of queries and responses between the client and server. The SMTP client initiates a TCP connection to server's port 25.

The sent / received messages are stored as .eml files in the local file system.This application also has a search functionality implemented by which user can search phrases from any field like Subject, Message Body, Received or Sent date etc.It also provides options to set Message Rules by which the received mails automatically assigned to respective mail folders.

FM-MYSQL Data Migration Wizard

Construction Company
Commercial Construction Industry
Visual Studio .Net 2005, C#.NET, Developer Express 7.2, File Maker 6.0, MySql 5.0

This is a complete data migration tool that has been developed to handle the data migration requirement of Construction Management software that was ported from the File Maker 6.0 to .NET 2.0 and My SQL 5.0 at the back end.

It involved detailed and through analysis of the existing File Maker data and the corresponding field and table in My SQL was done to ensure that no data
misses out during migration and all data are mapped correctly as per requirement. The primary aim of the project was to ensure that the newly ported .NET version of the application should be able to populate all the migrated data flawlessly as required on all the forms and simultaneously the application should run without errors.

The migration process involved exporting FileMaker data to MySql through .mer files (Merge Files).These files are validated by the migration tool before
migration. The application works with existing Database as well as creates new schema dynamically as required along with Tables.

User can use "Data - Mapper" screen to map data from ".mer" files to dynamically created Schema. The screen is very user interactive and gives the user a complete view of the data to be migrated on the screen it self and take decision accordingly.

"Data Generator Module" of the system is responsible for inserting customized data like GUIDs/UUIDs, Identity value generation, random strings or data from
Excel file or Text files as required.

Robust Exception Handling is built into the core of the system so as to get complete details of the errors that occurred during data migration. If there are any exception /errors during the course of migration then the errors are written to system event log and the data for that transaction is also logged into files and finally Transaction is rolled back.

CMS driven company website

A Financial Firm
C# .net, ASP .net 2.0 , MS SQL Server 2005

There was a static site of the financial firm that needs to be regularly updated with regular incoming content, news and file resources. We built it as fully ASP.Net CMS site using master and content pages. The page metadata, page content, navigation are dynamically loaded from the database managed by the CMS. The CMS site administration section use 2.0 role based authentication system in sync with the SQL Server 2005 for user roles and profiles as Submitter, Approver, or Admin. Each change to page content is done using built-in HTML editor and is versioned. There is a ability to roll back to any version of the page that has ever existed in the CMS. When a page is created, modified or removed from the site, a notification email sent to all the approvers to login to the system to review the changes and approve. All together it makes the website fully dynamic and content rich without the web-designer and programmer role in regular basis.

Web based E-ERP business solution

European e-business solution provider
e-business solution
C# .net, ASP .net 2.0, Java Script, Ajax ToolKit 1.0, My SQL 5.0

This is a web based B2B2C environment that supports the management of complete supply chain. This includes cash register, e-commerce, e-invoicing, warehouse management , CMS and CRM. The system is built as two basic parts. First part is the product, stock maintenance and reporting section for managing the back end supply chain system by merchants, dealers and warehouse staff. The second part is the front end public website with product catalogue drawn from dynamic pages out of the CMS system. When order is placed via the product catalogue, it generates a supply chain record through http post to the backend system. The order processing chain from warehouse to dealers and then to customer is processed through supply chain cycle through the system. The complete website uses components of Ajax ToolKit and that provides a rich UI and performance benefit.

Roster Application

SaaS Solutions
C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Javascript

The workforce management solution is a SaaS solution that enables companies to manage their staff work schedules and provides staff self-service features (like requesting time off, requesting shift trades, etc.). The system provides for the creation of work schedules in the form of bid lines (a bid line is defined by a set of shifts and day-off pattern) which the staff people are awarded through either a bidding process or by direct assignment.  This process works well for companies that only assign new schedules a few times per year (e.g. quarterly) as is the case with our current client base (airlines).  However, there are many potential markets for the solution that require the ability to change schedules weekly (or some similar frequency).  An example of this would be a restaurant which may post a new schedule each Thursday for the following Sunday through Saturday period.  While it is possible that many of the employees will work the same shifts/days-off as the week before, there is enough variation to make the current schedule creation/assignment process unwieldy.  Therefore, we need to add an alternative schedule builder functionality so that the manager can quickly create shift schedules and assign employees to shifts.

Health Information Site

IT/Web Services
ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server 2005, DotNetNuke, AJAX

This website is used to provide general health information for covered employees to promote a healthy lifestyle. The main features includes a quiz for all registered employees, a Nightly Processing webservice for updating employee database, different summary reports for employees, employers and admin. Other features are :

•Provide an on-line resource for employee test taking that will allow employees to keep up-to-date with monthly testing as per the program's requirements
•Allow company users to view the total amount of enrolled users and to obtain an aggregate view of their employee's current status
•Allow site administrators to add and update companies, view current employee and company statistics
•Allow site administrators to export all quiz history data with full results for all quizzes taken by employees in a given month
•Allow site administrators to import a file to load health test results for covered employees. The results will be shown in the employee section only for insured members' personal review.

Omni-Visual Basic Net

IT/Computer Services
C#, .NET 3.5, Windows Service, Web Service, WCF, REST, SQL Server 2005,  VMware API

• UC6 Platform
The UC6 platform allows a service provider to run various workloads on an on demand basis. The platform uses a new computing unit called a WAC (Workload Allocation Cube) to bill customers for their computing usage, instead of charging per server. The WAC is billed per hour and combines the following six resource metrics into one universal computing unit:
- CPU (Mhz)
- Memory (MB)
- Disk I/O (Kbps)
- LAN I/O (Kbps)
- WAN I/O (Kbps)
- Storage (GB)

The UC6 Platform has been divided into three parts:
- UC6 Engine Room – Controls the resources in each datacenter in the 6fusion partner network
- UC6 Control Room – Provides account management, Billing and Service provider control of the platform. It  also provides the interface for the UC6 Console and any third party software.
- UC6 Console – Provides the user interface for Service providers, UC Vendors and other users of the UC6 platform.

Carriers, Plan and Search


VS 2008 (with c#), ASP.Net 3.5, SQL Server 2005, Java Script, AJAX and AJAX Controls

It's a website for particularly three roles; of users to add, assign and use the benefit plans. The carrier is a company who can add all the benefits it is providing available for use, the client who will be using the benefits and the broker company which will take the benefits from carrier and assign to the clients.

The site uses the MVP architecture with a controller. The structure generation is automated using Web Client Software Factory and Web Service Software Factory.

This is focussed primarily on Employee Benefits with Finanace and Insurance schemes and types offered by the Carrier through a Broker.

Employee Progress and Growth Management

IT Services
ASP.NET 3.5, C#, SQL Server 2008

It is a website for a Consulting Company. The website keeps a track of each employee's progress and technical growth in the firm. The Website is made on ASP.NET 3.5 using C# and sql server 2008 in the backend.

The Site was designed using Ajax Controls like Accordion Panes, Hover Menus, Modal Popup Extenders. - A part of the website involves generating resume using Microsoft Office 2007 .docx and .pptx template files. The data is read from the database and passed as parameters to these templates.

E-Commerce website


Technologies: 3.5, C#, Ajax Tool Kti 3.5, MS SQL 2005

This website consists of an E-commerce type background with one major exception - there will be no Products Sold. The Website is a content based website in which the user logs in and has access to coupons posted by the customers of Cupids Coupons. The user interface has the option to sort and search by category, product name, Store/Company name and has an alphabetical list on the side for both Product name and Store Name. The user is then presented with various coupons in which he/she can add to a 'Cart'. At the end of the users session, they have the option to print all or some of the coupons selected in the 'Cart'. This Web Application has an admin interface in which new coupons can be uploaded, sorted and indexed as per the categories, Products  and Store Names.  Admin has ability to remove coupons, set a expiry date in which these coupons will automatically be removed from the website.

Apartment, Property and Hotel Booking

IT/ Software
Technologies: 2.0,, Ajax Control Toolkit, Yahoo User Interface (YUI) Library, Google Map API, JavaScript, MySQL 5.0

This website enables visitors to search and book the required property, hotel, apartment for short term stay. The search can be filtered using different parameters like country, city, property type, price range, check-in date and check-out date inputs. The property search engine also allows keyword based search using Full Text Search Indexing. Google Map is used to show city map of all the available properties of a City that fall within the search criteria. After user finds a property, Yahoo User Interface Calendar control gives client day range selection scope, that allow people to pick date range for which the pricing is shown, giving a smooth experience to visitors to make a correct selection of dates. In the last step of booking, user gives his personal information and confirms the booking. This registers the customer as a user of the system and initiates the booking cycle steps for the property owner and broker to take.

Owners, Brokers can register into website. Once registered they can submit their properties, giving the detail description, images and pricing information for different seasons. After getting approved by administrator, the property appears in the catalogue for booking. Brokers can also register and maintain properties for owners, with fixed commission per property booking.

Great Plains eConnect Program

C#.NET, eConnect tool , GP 8.0

Created a Great Plains eConnect program using C#.Net program to access the data sources of XML Or text files and import the data to Sales Order Modules. 
The window shows the messages to check for the incoming files for any corrections that the users need to fix before migrating it into Great Plains. we have developed a windows service that runs 24 X 7.

The service watch, a physical folder, resides in the server constantly , in which the input XML file are placed. Once the service find the XML file, it will call the econnect method of data integration to import data to GP 8 SQL Server. Proper data validation and error handling is being implemented.

Web Application


Technologies: , SQL Server 2005

This web application presents a rich set of AJAX enabled web pages for different categories of users; Admin, engineering and guest users and for various user level activities like uploading Virtual reality models of virtually unlimited size, managing the VR as well as Transactional models, downloading model files etc.

This web portal includes user authentication / validation across all the pages of the application to secure the contents from non-authenticated users. The Admin section includes features like adding new users to the application, editing existing users, changing user role / permission etc. This web application also converts a Transactional model to a Virtual reality model on-the-fly upon user request and facilitates downloading the same onto the user machine.

.NET Integration

Windows, C#, .NET, IIS, Windows Services, MySQL

Designed and implemented windows services and a .NET webservice for interfacing with client application. The services allow prescriber registration with client application and submission of prescription Rx requests to client application. Also implemented a client application listener webservice that receives refill requests from client application and logs in a MySQL Db. The applications are modular and can be easily ported for any future EMR - PMS applications that need to interface with client application.

Incident Mangement .NET Development

IT Services Company
FireFighting Agencies
C#, SqlServer 2008, VB.NET 2008

Its a windows application designed for Firefighters. It is basically designed to capture all the measurements and calculations performed by a firefighter on its way to the accidental area in real time. It also stores the personnel data for the firefighter and also has records about all the instruments available to him from which he can decide their usage.

SOAP web service

Full service mobile development software firm
Smartphone Software Development
C#, ASP.NET, Sql Server 2008

The project is a SOAP web service which allows users to create and authenticate their accounts. Then web service allows the user to form relationships with each other. Once the users have formed relationships, they can request locations for each other as well as update their current locations. The web service also sweeps the database each night at midnight CST and clear the LoginTime for any user that has a LoginTime older than 24 hours (inactivity period). Both the time that the sweep runs and the inactivity period should be of configurable options.

Security System Development

Technical Service Provider
C#.Net, SQL2008, Crystal Report 10.5

The system adapts easily to larger homes and members of organizations with multiple residences. Application supports all data related to the system activities such as contact information, contract administration, and patient movement management.

There was already a Delphi application for above work, we have converted the Delphi application to Windows application while doing modifications in program flow and UI design.

This application runs in two languages English and French, there is no data conversation between English to French or vice versa, the lookups and Labels gets changed based on the selected language.

Restfull API with WinForms and DDAY.ical.dll

IT Service
IT Services
C#, Restfull API, Outlook Calendar

The project was to create an event in Outlook Calendar Event and save it in .ics format. Then to read that ICAL file and post all or selected events to a common events website using their exposed services using RESTFULL API etc.

We have created a C# windows form application and using DDAY.ical third party opensource dll.

DDAY.ical was responsible to read all the events from the ical file and restfull api servers was responsible to post the events to a common events website.

C#.Net Project

Software development company

Created an ActiveX control in .net that will be used in Visual FoxPro front end. Visual FoxPro front end will pass few parameters to an ActiveX control, control then connects to the database and fetch records from DB.

Tracker Development

C#.Net , MSSQL Server 2005

We have built a system to support logistics devices. We have also built a windows service which can listen to UDP packets using TCP/IP. The packets are the information send by the trackers at a predefined interval. This data needs to be interpreted, the location[Latitude & Longitude] can be retrieved by using a google API, an exact location based on the latitude and longitude can be traced and this information is displayed on the user website, for the users to monitor their vehicle movement.

eBusiness Website

European e-Business solution provider
Software e-Business (CRM, CMS, B2B, B2C) solution provider
C#,, MySQL, Ajax Control Toolkit, Vencash Payment Gateway, Ideal Payment Gateway, Ogone Payment Gateway

We did the porting of core CMS engine in and My SQL from the old Progress-PHP combination. This includes development, enhancement, maintenance and support of the CMS and shopping basket flow. The core system is a Content Management System that supports different businesses ranging from Wine Distributor to Law company, Car Rental Agency to Hotel Chain. With every single porting of website, depending on the industry, there is addition of custom modules for appropriate shopping basket and reporting support. All these are covered in the project execution.

VSTO Development

IT Services
IT Services
C#. NET 3.5, SQL Server 2008, VSTO, Excel

The project was to create a wizard in Excel in order to read all the tables in the EXCEL workbook and give user option to select one from it and then allow the user to select all the columns along with there datatypes and ability to change the datatype and precision, wherever required, then post everything to one class so that it can be used to generate a SQL table in any of the given databases.

Travel monitoring program software

Traffic solutions
C# .Net, ASP.Net , jQuery, Silverlight

This app deals with business strategy that caters to the state Department of Transportation (DOT) travel monitoring community. This is a data warehousing software system for collecting, editing, summarizing and reporting wide range of traffic data. Our business model includes many partnerships to ensure compliance, compatibility and integration with other agency hardware and software systems.

Worked on calculation of site-specific highway performance monitoring system (HPMS) statistics. Supported for turning movement counts, weigh-in-motion (WIM) data and short-duration as well as continuous count data. Calculated and maintained current-year statistics for all sites, regardless of count year. Enhanced support for the modification of site attributes such as storing global position system (GPS) locations to map site locations.

Optional Count Scheduler also provides a count schedule, field sheets and up-to-date status information about the short-term count program.

HIT - MU - CCDA Parsing

Healthcare IT

The goal of this project was to create a service and dll which accepts an xml file as a parameter and parses all the modules as well as returns the filled objects.

Created a class library with a method to accept an xml file as an argument and looked for all specific tags as per the document and parsed those tags to get the actual data and stored them in specific objects.

The modules which were included for parsing: Demographics, Author, Legal Authenticator, Custodian, Allergy, Medication, Result, Social History, Encounters, Vitals, Impression, Chief Complaint, Procedures, Informant and Plan of care.

Also supported modules with multiple entries such as encounter, allergy, meds etc. Created separate classes and methods for individual modules for code maintainability. Created common methods to avoid repeating code block and handing null check. Also logged the exception in text file.

Immunization Registry

Healthcare IT
C# 4.0, MySQL, Mirth, Hl-7

For the creation of the Immunization records a windows service is integrated with the EMR which polls at a particular interval of time and check for the new records inserted  by the EMR. If there are new records, this windows service will create the Immunization Files to be transmitted and place them at a particular location. Now here Mirth Channel comes into role, the Mirth channel will pick these created files from that location and transmit them to the particular destination over the ftp or sftp. The response of the transmit is also handled by the mirth channel only i.e. it updates the respective database table with the information whether the file transmit is successful or if there is any transmit error.

Store Locator

Software Service Provider
C# 4.0, Sql Server 2008, DNN 7.0.1

The main functionality of this project is to allow user to search near store locations by postal code. To achieve this we developed a module for admin, where an administrator can add, edit and delete information of their stores. Here we provided interface to keep all store related  information. Then created a responsive DNN module which populated stores present near 50 KM of the users current locations.  Also allow users to search for stores by two methods:

1. By given postal code: it will search all stores near 50 KM of given postal code.
2. By select Country, State and City.

We have implemented this multi-ligual module which can be used for both english and french.

Member Search

C# 4.0, Sql Server 2008, DNN 7.01.2, Web Service, jQuery & JSON

We created installable module which allows administrator to search member details.

- We created a webservice in order to search members on key press without refreshing the page.
- We integrated jQuery data table plug-in to bind member details dynamically.
- We also allowed dynamic page size selection.
- As new table kept some values in foreign language as well,  so an administrator was also implemented to search member records by typing foreign language also.
- One is able to click on search result column headers to sort results.
- All test records are kept hidden while searching.

Outlook Plugin

Online Data Storage Services Provider
VSTO (Visual studio tools for office), Windows Forms, Install shield installer, C#

The following features were implemented in this project:

1 Worked on Outlook start-up methods
2 Added functionality related to the ribbon menu manipulations
3 Implemented Custom attachment phenomenon
4 Created screens for setting the user preferences
5 Screen for Settings purpose
6 Tab for Send Options
7 Folder creation for the customized emails
8 Generated Email attachment section templates
9 Attachment Size manipulation
10 Automatic Log In Process to the server
11 API interaction for the Uploading
12 Folder Retrieval screen for selecting the folder to which the files will be uploaded
13 Interaction with the C++ library
14 Installer creation through install shield
15 Worked on embedding images on Email body
16 Resolved issues related to different possible set of Outlook and OS versions
17 Applied multi-threading for keeping the UI thread free for outlook – end user interaction 18 Implemented progress bar till the uploading of the attachments to the specific server.
19 Manipulated the normal behavior of outlook mail sending
20 Session token handling
21 Logging mechanism taking size of files into account
22 Other than these there was lot of R&D in this project related to integration of C++ library with Outlook, Creating installers for 32 and 64 bit OS and outlooks

Dashboard Application for Caseware users

Software Service Providers
.net 4.5,CaseWare,OleDb,CustomerAccept MDF, Windows 7

Designed and developed a dashboard application which acts as a supporting software for Caseware users.This software supports two languages "Danish" and "English".Mainly,in this software users can create multiple companies,Create new tasks,Create task with existing caseware file,Assign task to users,manage working hours of users and along with that we have notification functionality with snoozed and dismissed functionality for delayed tasks and filter page for task and notifications. The Admin and master user can edit application settings and can also add language resource keys dynamically.The Master user can add new fields(dynamic label with textbox) and categories(dynamic group box with new label and textbox) dynamically.

This project had different modules designed for the Admin, Customers and Users with different functionalities for each user group.

Humanitarian response activity tracker

Software Services Provider
Non-Profit, Welfare
C#, ASP.Net MVC 4.0, HotTowel- ASP.Net MVC SPA Template, MSSQL Server -2012, Asp.Net Web API, V- 4.0 (BreezeController), JQuery,JQueryUI, Durandal, Breeze, Knockout

Designed and developed a robust system that helps track ongoing humanitarian operations at a major non profit organization that aims at children's welfare.

The primary purpose of this system is to provide a platform through which humanitarian response activity can be consistently recorded which in turn makes reporting, analytics and management of these processes easier. The system can also be used to report events that have taken place or are about to take place and then trigger relevant response for them.

This data is used to generate various reporting outputs such as periodic Situation Reports as well as a number of Analytical Reports based on this data.

The operations team can also use this platform to track and manage the various educational programs being executed by external agencies and the system will then provide the ability for those users to login and access various pieces of information, including some of the documents and multimedia mentioned above.

It also consists of an HR section that helps manage HR activities.

Kiosk application for electronic transactions

Software Services Provider
.Net 4.5, C#, SQL Server 2012 Express Edition,  WPF, MVVM, .xlsx file, Mantin.Controls.Wpf.Notification, Entity Framework, Github, Windows 7

For our client who is providing a retail network of services across a region in South East Asia, Mindfire developed a Kiosk application that would be installed into the devices made available at stores, offices, banks, etc and will allow the user to perform electronic transactions, such as mobile top ups.  Here, the consumer requests a top up type, choosing the mobile network and the denomination (face value).  The device connects to the server and pulls down an available top up voucher, which is printed on thermal paper and given to the consumer as soon as they have made the payment. It is a windows .net WPF application.

The first phase of this application was Online version which required Kiosk application to be connected to Internet all the time so that a top-up can be pulled via API on request basis.

The second phase of this application is an offline version. The kiosk application is required to be connected to internet only once a day to pull top-ups for different operators and denominations from API and then save them to Database so that when a user comes and requests a top-up then instead of going online, top-up is pulled from DB.

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