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Glance over some of our successful project-executions in the last 20+ years.

CMS Web Solutions
Biology teaching software
Online Mathematics Software
Online School Education and Assessment Software
Optical Mark Recognition and Barcode Reader Java Utility
A Mathematics application
HTML5 video player for E-learning
Quest Lab – EMR HL7 Integration
AMS – Lab EMR HL7 Integration
Unsolicited Lab Result (ORU) Integration
Demographics Integration with AS400 System
EMR Alerting System
Immunization SHOTS Integration
Evaluation and Management Services (E&M) System, EMR
EMR – Reporting & Analysis System
Appointment Scheduling
Document Management System
Continuity of Care Record (CCR)
Paperless Electronic Record System
Electronic Health Care Enquirer
Personal Health Record (PHR)
Electronic Billing and Claims Management
CCHIT Certification for EMR
Windows based Kiosk Application
Practice Management System
Application for Dermatology Clinic
Lab Report Automation Software
Disease Information Search
PDF Form to Barcode Conversion
EMR – Microsoft HealthVault Integration
Appointment Scheduling and Management
Patient Health Record
Electronic Health Records (EHR) Sharing and Reporting System
Medical Practice Document Management System
PMS – Billing Module
Patient Registration Module
Fitness Training Mobile App
Skin Care Site
Pet’s Treatment Appointment
E-Mail Management and Reporting System
HIT – MU – CCDA Parsing
EMR Summary Management Software
Environment Management and Health & Safety Management System
Full-fledged MU2 Certified Electronic Medical Record System
Patient Communication Portal
Life Commission Application
Web Application for sharing documents
Patient/Policy Document Management
Truck Tracking System
Database Synchronization for Logistics
Emergency Alerting System
Hazard Assessment System
GPS History Analyzer
GPS Position Analyzer
GPS Log Analyzer
Fleet Management Application
Bus Billing App
A word scrambling video game.
A file transfer application for GPRS network
Advertisement streaming during Call on hold
Customized Client Application
Automation tool for Newspaper Company
SaaS or Web based System for Newspaper Publishing
Quark Xpress Tools Suite (Universal Binary)
Electronic form (PDF) making application
Magazine Publishing Software
Planning and Scheduling Software for TV and Radio Broadcasters
Content Management System (Magazine)
LabCorp – EMR HL7 Integration
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