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Glance over some of our successful project-executions in the last 20+ years.

Rankers Dashboard Analytics
Online Interviewing Portal
Online Consumer Survey and Opinions gathering system
Case Builder Application Testing
Testing a massively multi-player game with Virtual Realities
Leading service provider in Environment and Health and Safety domain
Global Mail Testing
Quality & Business Management- QTP Testing
Environment & Health and Safety Application Testing
Billboard Marketplace
Online billboard management and distribution system
Optical Filters Ecommerce Application
Portal for Automobile Dealership
AD Tracking and Analysis
Idea management system
Talent Portal
Auto Voice Call Scheduler
Auto-tagging application for student collaboration based on Pinax
API based online accounting application
Web based mobile survey application
Satchmo Ecommerce Restricted Discounts
Nutrition Recommendation System
Healthcare Specialist Search and Review System
Satchmo to Merchant OS Synchronization Bridge
Admin tool for Sales analysis reports with interactive charts and Shop API
Social Networking Site for gaming professionals
Social Networking/Media Sharing Site for professionals in the fashion industry
Dashboard Application
Agile Project Management Tool
Python Django based Job Portal Website Support Work
Proxy Server
Web portal application
Data Exchange between DMZ and LAN
Secure Collaborative Portal
Merchant and Store Management System
Student Event Management System
Online Book Keeping System
Marketing Analysis System
Delivery Service Platform
Communication Platform for Service Providers and Customers
Online Training Courses and Practice Exams Portal
License Management and Control System
Lead Generation and Management System
Septic Services CRM and Scheduling System
Buyer Seller Classifieds and Networking Platform
Real Estate Management Portal
Exchange Webservices Integration and Reports
Online Music Distribution System
Collaboration and Analytics Platform
Online e-Learning Gaming Application
Mobile Review App
iPad Web services
Agriculture Tracking Application
Puppy Seller Application
CRM and Vehicle Management System for Garages
Voter Management portal
Therapist Appointment Scheduling Application
Airflow Calculator and Balancing Application
Support Engineer for LAMP and WordPress Work
Library Portal for Books and Music Downloads
Digital Marketing Sales Tool
Food and Restaurant Locator
Movement Tracker
Contact Scheduling and Work Order Flow Management System
Candidate Interview Assessment and Reporting System
Political Campaigns Management Application
A Social Networking Application
Online “Punch List” for commercial construction projects
Fund Raising Platform for Charities and Events

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