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Glance over some of our successful project-executions in the last 20+ years.

Political Campaigns Management Application
A Social Networking Application
Online “Punch List” for commercial construction projects
Fund Raising Platform for Charities and Events
Social Networking Media Sharing
Account Management Software
Multi-tenant sites for Distributors
Magento Store for Spectacle Frames
Web Fonts API
e-learning application with CMS
Bill Payment System
Lead Capture and Distribution Tool
Domain Bidding System
Market Research Tool
EAV Forms Plugin
Studio Management System
Electronic Health Records Sharing and Reporting System
Wall Murals, Wall paper, Photo Framing and Ordering Application
Customer Work Order Management and Scheduling System
Online Photo Framing Application
Ocean Freight Transportation and Networking Application
Language Translation Services for iTunes Applications
Beauty Salon Services Application
Student Behavior Tracking Application
Voter Management Application
Localizer App
Comprehensive Website Solution for a Retail Chain
Xcart Web-service for Servoy App
Drupal News and Community Portal (Themeing)
Business Communication and Network Site
Networking Solutions for Child Safety
Acupuncture Clinic – Schedule Management
Application for Agriculture
Film CMS
Multi-site application for Automobile Dealerships
Package Delivery Tracking Application
Inventory Management System for an Event Management Company
Home Locator
Game Management Software
Campaign Server Side Application
Localizer API
Case Management Application
Photo Library API using JSON
Static Site hosted on Amazon S3 CDN
Activity Points Converter Plugin
Event (Sports) Management Application
Application for Teachers
Driver’s Worksheet
WebFolder Control
Audio/Video based Customer Service Application for websites
Drupal and Ubercart Skinning
Skill Building System
e-books Library System
Game Portal for Libraries
Photo Gallery Application
In-App Purchase and Push Notification
Data Extraction from NNEREN MLS Listing Database
Request Tracker
Travel Game Application
Mobile Event Website
Drupal Theming based on designs
Foursquare API Integration
Facebook Application for a Flash based Game
Web Conference Prototype
Real Estate Listing Site
Global Drug Development and Pharmaceutical Management site
Highly visual and interactive website
Shopping Cart website for a famous Author
Payment Gateway

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